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It’s always nice to know who you’re talking to. We are a friendly bunch and brilliant at sorting stuff out quickly and efficiently. Most of our work is generated by customer recommendations our aim is that clients become our fans.

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Edward Viera: MD  – Eddie is the MD and founder of Universe Projects and qualified Electro-mechanical engineer. Eddie has been involved in the construction industry all his life *sometime during AD, Eddie started his apprenticeship as a joiner making bespoke woodwork cabinets, gates and specialised in restoration. Eddie then moved on and worked for his fathers company designing and building electo-mechanical automated dental chairs, many of his designed were patented and went on to sell all around the world. Edward/Ed/Eddie.. (just don’t call him Ted) is fanatical about attention to detail, customer service and brings strong engineering skills & experience having worked both in the UK and overseas. Unlike most MD’s Eddie is very much hands on is never more happy when on site commissioning our bespoke work, expressing his love for all things timber and just making things work. No body is quite sure what Eddie does in his spare time, some say he could be the stig.

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David Viera:  Project Director. David is super organised and has a real flair for design especially using CAD. David is the interface between the customer, design and installation. David will coordinate with you and facilitate any requests you have and ensure the project is delivered efficiently and smoothly as possible with military precision. David helps keep Universe clients ahead of the competition by researching and monitoring the latest developments in electric gates technology and brings a fun and problem solving dynamic to the team. If you are looking for a spectacular gate- you should talk to David. When David is not working, he is busy with his young son, supporting his beloved Arsenal and playing sport- usually badly.

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Claire Moneypenny: Accounts Manager.  Claire can usually found buried deep in an excel spreadsheet or bossing David around.  Having spent more than 5 years within the construction sector, Claire brings a wealth of experience to Universe Gates by handling our accounts and ensuring we are compliant from a health and Safety prospective. Claire also doubles up as the office PA to ensure everyone is where they should be.  When not in the office, Claire is a self-confessed Superhero fangirl, and also a part time model which is why we send her to meet the bank manager instead of the guys. For the record- No one has manged to successfully walk into the office yet and throw a hard hat on to the hatstand and say “Afternoon Moneypenny” in a Sean Connery accent.

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Kevin Smith- Installation Manager.  (photo coming soon) Kevin is a very valuable member of the universe gates team. Kevin is ultra professional and never late, you can set your watch by him. Kevin is a skilled gate fabricator and a qualified electrician. Kevin started his career as an auto electrician and moved into electric gates by chance 20 years ago (no he wasn’t bitten by a radio active gate spider) After many unsuccessful attempts by other gate companies he repaired the electric gates at a local school and has never looked back.  When Kevin is not being  likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and chatting about Liverpool football club to everyone who cares to listen – which is nobody at Universe Gates.

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Julian Howe- Senior Gate Engineer  We are very lucky to have Julian on board- Julian has some 20 years experience fitting automatic gate systems, rising bollards and parking barriers. Julian is Kevin’s, right hand man- they operate as a team and we often think they have developed a telepathic link between them. Julian carries out most of the installation work, Julian is known as Mr Slider- due to his ridiculous skill level with sliding gates- he can make them slide up hill, down hill around corners, he once even made a brick wall slide for a secret entrance. On his days off Julian can be found at his local golf course or mountain biking.

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Simon Armstrong- Gate Service, Maintenance and Repair Engineer

Although Simon is our newest member of the team, he has collaborated with Eddie on a number of projects over the last 10 years both as joint venture and leveraging his skills and experience for expert advice. Simon is a fully qualified electro-mechanical engineer, and has intimate knowledge of circuit boards, PLC systems and hydraulic operators and brings a wealth of experience diagnostic fault finding to the team. Simon carries out all the electric gate risk assessments, force testing, servicing, warranty and repair work for Universe. Simon is currently studying a horticultural open university degree.

If you have a gate problem…if no one else can help…and if you can afford them…maybe you can hire…The A- Team.

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