Add additional security options to your electric gate installation

When adding security to your home it usually encompasses installing an electric gate along with various other solutions such as additional lighting, cctv, and intercom systems. Renzland gates allow you to merge these solutions with your electric gate installation minimising the disruption of hiring various contractors through an extended time period.

Renzland Powergates Ltd have the ability to create bespoke electric gate solutions

Depending on security needs and your property you may have to carry out additional work to find a solution for your electric gate installation. Some common problems to overcome are space within the property, the landscape of your driveway, installing an electricity source and choosing a design that will compliment your home.
From the initial enquiry to completion Renzland gates will use their experience to create a clear schedule and be as transparent as possible. Renzland gates have the latest CAD software which will allow you to visualise your completed solution before work commences to give you the ability to choose an electric gate for your installation.
When it comes to overcoming problems such as landscaping we use our experience to recommend the best and most effective solution to ensure that your gate installation is of the highest possible quality.
For more information please contact one of our electric gate experts by phone or via our quick contact form.

Increase Privacy by Installing an Electric Gate

As the age of doorstep selling becomes more prominent the privacy and serenity of your home often is intruded by energy providers trying to sell you their services and various other sales men trying to sell you driveway, guttering and fascia’s. This can be extremely intrusive and inconvenient. Why not take control of who reaches your door by installing an electric gate.

Control who enters your threshold with an electric gate

Renzland Powergates Ltd offer various electric gate solutions and complimentary security products such as CCTV and intercom systems which allow you to control who enters your premises. Renzland Powergates Ltd offer packages which allow you to pick an all included electric gates solution or bespoke plans which are perfect if you are needing to add extra security or further services are required e.g landscaping so you are guaranteed to have your gate installation complete by one company therefore minimising disruption from having several contractors.

Renzland Powergates Ltd understand that no electric gate installation is 100% fool proof and just like your car must be serviced on a regular basis in order to keep them in working order. Renzland Powergates Ltd are proud of installing quality electric gates therefore we offer a five year guarantee available for purchase which will ensure that you have peace of mind should a complication arise.

For more information on electric gate installations by Renzland Powergates Ltd please contact us using the quick contact form on the website or call us on 01206 210 212 where one of electric gate experts will be pleased to help you.

Finding Electric Gates for a property

At Renzland Powergates Ltd we understand that every customer have different requirements for their gates, some electric gate installations need alternative work for example if the driveway is sloped so further landscaping work would need to be completed. Other customers need to increase security within their home by adding intercom systems, CCTV, and external lighting.

Renzland Powergates Ltd helps you choose the right Electric Gate for your home.

Renzland Powergates Ltd will provide you with clear plans on how your electric gate installation will progress and are able to incorporate landscaping, alternative security installations into your electric gate installation to minimise disruption by having various contractors. Have peace of mind whilst our team install quality electric gates.
Renzland Powergates Ltd also use the latest CAD ( computer Aided Design) software which allows you to choose your electric gate installation before work commences.
Renzland offer a variety of packages so that you are able to find a solution to your electric gate needs and also offer bespoke sizeable packages that allow us to build your ideal gate installation.
For more information on electric gate packages please contact Renzland Powergates Ltd on 01206 210 212 or use our convenient quick contact form on our site and a qualified member of the team will contact you.

Find the right driveway gates for your home at Renzland Gates

At Renzland gates we install and fit quality driveway gates that are safe and secure, increase the value of your home and make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Our state of the art CAD programmes allows you to visualise the installation before work begins.

Driveway gates for homes with small driveways

At Renzland Powergates Ltd we are able to maximise the space available for use as we offer several electric gate mechanisms including swing and sliding gates. Our sliding gates are perfect for smaller driveways as they do not take up as much room when opening. Renzland Powergates Ltd offer packages and bespoke installations that ensure we are able to provide you with a solution to your gate installation problem.

Add security solutions with your driveway gates

Add security solutions at the same time as installing your driveway gates. Renzland Powergates Ltd offer various systems which can be installed during your driveway gate installation to minimise disruption at a later date. These include intercom systems, lighting services and CCTV.
For more information on driveway gates please call or use our quick contact form where one of our electric gate engineers will be pleased to help you.

Electric gates installation in Ascot, Berkshire

Before electric gates berkshireAfter Electric Gates Installation Berkshire

Here is another recent electric gates installation in Ascot, Berkshire for a developer client- Great Sutton Homes. Great Sutton homes specialise in high end new build developments in exclusive locations.

Manor Court is an exclusive private development providing six unique 4–6 bedroom detached family homes. Each of the homes are traditional in appearance and construction, yet offer all the convenience, practicality and low maintenance demanded by today’s modern living. See further details.

Renzland Powergates Ltd designed a installed a bespoke electric swing gate system- the brief was to design something modern yet simple in keeping with the existing landscape and to ensure harmonisation of the existing railings. This electric gate system features an additional side pedestrian gate, wireless intercom system with coded entry and 24v anti crush electric gate automation.

This electric gates installation in Berkshire is on the show home, and we would be happy to show you this and give you a demonstration.

If you are looking for a company to design and install an electric gates in Berkshire please call us on 01206 210 212 for a free electric gates design consultation.


Why Installing electric gates in surrey is an investment

There are several reasons why installing an electric gate in Surrey is an investment. There are many locations in Surrey where every house you drive past will have a gated entrance due to the wealth in the area. It has almost become the norm attribute to the properties.
If you are thinking of installing an Electric gate in Surrey Renzland gates has created a list of benefits that will help you make a decision.

The benefits of Electric Gates in surrey

1. Faster resale an a 5% increase in property value
In a recent survey documented by a national newspaper it was found that installing electric gates to your property will increase the value of your home by up to 5 percent. It was also noted that properties with electric gates installed sold faster than those without.
2. Increase in security
Installing Electric gates to your property allow you to control who enters and leaves your property. This not only gives you peace of mind that you will not have people entering if you do not want them to, but also provides a safe environment for children and animals in your grounds. Even more essential if your property is located on a busy road. Access control systems such as CCTV and intercom systems compliment your gate install by allowing you to identify visitors before letting them in.
3. Improve your property aesthetically
Using a reputable gate installation company such as Renzland Powergates Ltd will allow you to visualise your installation before work commences by using the latest software. This allows you to choose the most complimentary gate for your home. Packages and a sizeable bespoke option allow you to find a gate which suits your space and ensures that you can use the space to its maximum potential.
4. Convenience and Personal Safety
Stay within the safety of your own vehicle until you enter the safety of your own property by using remote control access. This also is convenient in the unpredictable English weather, stay warm and dry until you reach your parking space. Added features allow you to control your gates via a telephone in case you forget your remote.
For more information on installing Electric Gates in Surrey please contact us via our quick contact form or call us where one of our electric gate experts will be pleased to help you.

Checklist for Electric Gates in Surrey

If you are considering buying electric gates in Surrey we have prepared this simple 20 point check list that we strongly recommend you ask Surrey Electric Gate Installation companies so you can decide with confidence-

  1. Do you have an office or business premises located in Surrey that I can visit?
  2. Are your gates force tested and CE Marked?
  3. What thickness are the wooden gates and what type of wood is used?
  4. Are your metal gates galvanised?
  5. What guarantee do you give your electric gates parts and labour?
  6. What safety systems are implemented to prevent anyone get trapped or crushed in the gates?
  7. Are the electrical connections signed off by a Part P electrician and submitted to Surrey County council for approval?
  8. How much do you charge for ongoing electric gate maintenance- i.e servicing?
  9. What support is offered if the electric gates break down- what is your standard response call out time?
  10. What is the spec on the gate automation equipment- Hydraulic or Electro-mechanical
  11. What grade cables and other ancillary parts such as junction boxes, cabinets and trunking do you use which are equally important to the overall installation.
  12. Are you able to integrate other elements such as CCTV, Intercoms, Lighting, landscaping and brickwork?
  13. Previous customers- Can you supply customer testimonies or evidence of work of completed such as other electric gate installations in Surrey
  14. Do you supply CAD drawings or visuals so i know exactly what my Surrey electric gate will look like before committing?
  15. What insurances do you hold?
  16. What accreditations does your company and your engineers hold?
  17. What companies do you work for where you can give trade references?
  18. How will you dispose of my old gates and fence?
  19. Who will be co-ordinating my project?
  20. Will you formulate a detailed specification so this can be priced matched against other gate installation companies in Surrey?

Bonus Tip-
If you are considering electric gates in Surrey, some properties are Listed or located in a Conservation Area. They may have Preservation Orders on their trees or design prompts alterations to a driveway or roadside boundary. It may therefore be necessary to submit plans to Surrey county council and apply for permission to carry out work in the garden, particularly if new walling either side of the gates is required.