Checklist for Electric Gates in Surrey

If you are considering buying electric gates in Surrey we have prepared this simple 20 point check list that we strongly recommend you ask Surrey Electric Gate Installation companies so you can decide with confidence-

  1. Do you have an office or business premises located in Surrey that I can visit?
  2. Are your gates force tested and CE Marked?
  3. What thickness are the wooden gates and what type of wood is used?
  4. Are your metal gates galvanised?
  5. What guarantee do you give your electric gates parts and labour?
  6. What safety systems are implemented to prevent anyone get trapped or crushed in the gates?
  7. Are the electrical connections signed off by a Part P electrician and submitted to Surrey County council for approval?
  8. How much do you charge for ongoing electric gate maintenance- i.e servicing?
  9. What support is offered if the electric gates break down- what is your standard response call out time?
  10. What is the spec on the gate automation equipment- Hydraulic or Electro-mechanical
  11. What grade cables and other ancillary parts such as junction boxes, cabinets and trunking do you use which are equally important to the overall installation.
  12. Are you able to integrate other elements such as CCTV, Intercoms, Lighting, landscaping and brickwork?
  13. Previous customers- Can you supply customer testimonies or evidence of work of completed such as other electric gate installations in Surrey
  14. Do you supply CAD drawings or visuals so i know exactly what my Surrey electric gate will look like before committing?
  15. What insurances do you hold?
  16. What accreditations does your company and your engineers hold?
  17. What companies do you work for where you can give trade references?
  18. How will you dispose of my old gates and fence?
  19. Who will be co-ordinating my project?
  20. Will you formulate a detailed specification so this can be priced matched against other gate installation companies in Surrey?

Bonus Tip-
If you are considering electric gates in Surrey, some properties are Listed or located in a Conservation Area. They may have Preservation Orders on their trees or design prompts alterations to a driveway or roadside boundary. It may therefore be necessary to submit plans to Surrey county council and apply for permission to carry out work in the garden, particularly if new walling either side of the gates is required.