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commercial speed gates
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Commercial Bi-Folding High Speed Gates

Photos were not allowed to be taken during the construction process due to security. A total of four entrances were installed with bi-folding speed gates for DHL. The gate system was designed to integrate within the existing access control parking barrier system and add additional high security. Due to the site layout a sliding or swing gate was not possible as the leaves would intrude on the opening space between the gate posts.

Speed gates can open at more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate of the same size, which ensures a fast flow of traffic while ensuring security of the site. Hi speed gates are often used on police stations and possibly the bat cave due to the fast action opening times of the gates. These gates are also very popular at high security installations such as Power Stations, warehouses and government buildings.

The trackless speed gate  utilises a PLC controlled, inverter driven, 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the gate leaf, which ensures a smooth and positive movement. The gates motors are very heavy duty and are designed for minimal maintenance and 100% duty cycle i.e. continuous operation

The gates are manufactured using a RHS steel frame and CHS tubular steel infills- it is then galvanised and powder coated to suit the customer requirements- i.e corporate branding.

The high speed gates can be customised with a wide range of infills for privacy or finials to match adjoining fencing design or the property. Also available are spiked tops, flashing lights and sirens if you really need to ensure people heed your warning. 

Renzland gates can link up the speed gates are compatible with most access control options, including keypad, proximity card, inductive loop, push button, remote control, ANPR cameras or even your smart phone via our GSM and IP access control solutions.

A typical speed gate schematic can be downloaded here-Renzland Bi-Folding Speed gate

For further information on high speed commercial gates please contact David Viera in   our estimating department on 01344 887301 who will be happy to assist you like DHL we deliver.

commercial bi folding speed gates