10 recommendations to help you choose the right electric Gate installation company

Electric gate installers

With so many electric gate installers available throughout the UK how do you choose the right one?

It’s not every day you buy Electric Gates, it has to be the right gates and for all the right reasons, do not let cost be your only consideration.

If you are thinking about having electric gates installed here are our top 10 recommendations-

1)      Due Diligence– it takes seconds to check a gate installation company credentials on a website such as companycheck.co.uk for free. How long have they been trading? Are they making a profit?, do they file accounts?, do they have assets?- if the answer is no walk away no matter how cheap the deal they are offering it’s not worth the risk especially if they are asking for deposits up front. We can be found as Renzland Powergates Ltd

2)      Know who you are dealing with- Visit their premises- meet the team behind the website. Running a professional business, with staff, processes, vehicles, tools, insurances and other overheads is expensive therefore it is unwise to compare costs with one man bands that might not be in business for the long term and cannot offer the customer service and warranty back up of more established companies.

3)      Specifications/Quality- Always check the details on the gate installers quote ensure it is specific- what type of wood are they proposing? The thickness of the timber? Are the metal gates galvanised? Wrought Iron gates or mild steel? What automation equipment is specified- hydraulic? Electro-mechanical? There is a huge disparity in all these items so check very carefully what you are receiving.

4)      Warranty- Ask for a minimum 2 years warranty for all gate installation labour which will match the manufacturer. Any reputable gate installation company will do this- subject to the gates being serviced in line with manufactures recommendations.

5)      Manufacturer References- Contact the gate automation and access control equipment manufacturer and get a reference, be sure this electric gate installation company is accredited to install there gate automation products- we have heard various horror stories about people fitting cheap gate automation from the internet. We recommend FAAC and BFT Gate Systems.

6)      Design Work- Will your electric gate installers provide CAD design drawings? Or visualisations of how the finished entrance will look like? Having detailed approval drawings agreed before your automatic gates are designed is an important safety net for both the client and the gate installer that way there can be no misunderstandings down the line and you know exactly what they are paying for.

8)      Price- Please don’t always go for the cheapest price, cheap poorly installed electric gates are always the most expensive in the long term and more importantly, potentially the most dangerous. To have reliable and safe electric gates professionally installed by qualified engineers and quality gate automation comes at a price. However the benefits are stunning electric gates that will transform your entrance and add value, security and exclusivity to your home.

9) CE conformity- Ask if the Gate installer CE Mark the gates. The marking consists of the letters “CE”, affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the machine. This must be accompanied by the name of the responsible person (generally the installation company in the case of gates).Further information of CE Marking can be found on http://www.hse.gov.uk/work-equipment-machinery/ce-mark-summary.htm

10) Safety- In June 2010, the tragic deaths of two young children in separate incidents less than one week apart served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. The legal position is that powered gate systems are considered to be “machinery”. This means that, by law,every new powered gate, when it is put into service, must comply with the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) this is an expansive subject however it is imperative that your gate installers comply with these directives, are competent and suitably qualified to identify potential risks and install appropriate gate safety devices. With gate power, comes gate responsibility.

Bonus-  Get a free quote from Renzland Powergates Ltd! We will match all like for like quotes* Subject to site survey and our terms of business. We highly recommend you visit an electric gate installed by us and then compare our work to others- you’ll notice the difference.

Double Electric Gates installation in Camberley, Surrey

electric gate camberely surrey

Here is a recent installation carried out by Renzland Powergates Ltd in Camberley, Surrey.

Our clients already had one existing gated opening and railings but wanted an additional entrance so they could drive in and out, otherwise known as a carriage driveway.

The client also wanted a separate lockable pedestrian gate.


before gate referbishment camberely surrey

Our concern was that our brand new gates would make the existing driveway gates look old and dated as they were already starting to show signs of corrosion along with the railings. Therefore it was decided that we would refurbish the existing gates and railings. The old gates were removed, shot blasted, and refurbished, replacing any bent or damaged bars.

Whilst the gates were being made, our bricklayer modified the existing perimeter walls and built new brick piers to accommodate the new gates, reclaimed bricks and pier cap balls were sourced to blend in with the existing brickwork.

As a surprise to our client and at no extra cost, we modified the gates slightly by adding scrolls on the end and centre stiles to beautify them- in the gate world we are connoisseurs and refuse to fit ugly gates.

Finally, The gates were galvanised , powder coated and as finishing touch the finials were painstakingly hand painted with gold patina.  Additional feature/security lighting was also installed along with some handly electrical sockets by our part P approved electrician.

The existing BFT hydraulic electric gate motors that were some 15 years old were also refurbished and now work like new- this is exactly why we recommend BFT hydraulic gate motors! We connected the double automatic garage doors with a receiver so the client only had to use one remote control to open all gates and doors.

We will post some more photos shortly including before shots so you can see the transformation, regrettably it was poor weather when the gates were commissioned so the photos do not really do our work justice.

After Electric Gates fitted in Camberley, Surrey

automatic gates camberley after gate referbishment camberely referbished gates

The gates seem to be popular as we have been awarded a further two gate installations in the same road in Camberley, which just goes to prove- we know how to make an entrance.

Here is our testimonial-

I am hugely satisfied with the work you have done for me, indeed I couldn’t be happier. I will in the future (already have to XXXXX in Fleet) most definitely recommend your company, your professionalism, your attention to detail and your pleasant approach and politeness without hesitation.

For more information on our Surrey electric gates services please click here- 

Budget Gates | Cheap Electric Gates

budget electric gates

Are you looking for budget electric gates?

Here is a recent inexpensive gate installation- we never say cheap. For much less than you think, you can get sapele hardwood gates – (which is an entry level hardwood) clad onto a custom made steel frame, anti crush gate motors, a pedestrian gate and a wireless intercom supplied and fitted.

Before Budget Gates

before budget gate installationAfter Budget Gates

Budget electric gates


Electric Gates | Kingston, Surrey


Canteliver sliding gate

Before electric gates kingston surrey

Delivery of electric gates surrey

Cantilevered Sliding Gate | Kingston, Surrey

Here is a recent installation for a cantilevered sliding gate, matching railings, Juliet balcony at the rear, and bespoke access control system with finger print I.D recognition for a client in Kingston, Surrey.

The client required a modern contemporary metal gate to match the style and age of the house.  We presented the client with a number of design idea’s after sending him some computer visualizations of the project.

It’s never funny being locked out your own property if you forget your electric gate remote so a finger print reader is the ideal solution if you don’t want a key pad like everyone else. Bio-metric access control technology such as fingerprint or retina scanning has been around for some years but has yet to become widely used on gate automation projects, largely because not many gate engineering companies know how to do it!

We might install one for Bruno Mars so he never gets locked out of heaven again ;o)


Dear Renzland Powergates Ltd,

I’m writing to let you know how happy I am with my new electric gates and the exceptional experience I received from my initial enquiry through to installation and completion.

I would particularly like to thank Kevin & Julian for conducting such an outstanding job, they arrived on time, and worked tirelessly. Unlike other trades people I had working on the project the team were very polite, dressed smartly in professional uniforms and branded vehicles, it was reassuring to know I wasn’t just buying an electric gate but knowledge and expertise from an experienced engineering team that clearly know what they are doing. I would not hesitate to endorse your company to anyone wishing to buy an electric gate system.

Mr Waller- Kingston, Surrey


Electric Gate Installation – Essex

front view of timber sliding gate essexBefore electric gates essex

bespoke cantilever sliding gate

wooden sliding gate essex Rear view of timber sliding gate essex Crane lifting gates into position


Here is a recent electric gate installation in Essex, with a wonderful testimonial from our client we are very proud of.

Due to the limited space on the driveway, a swing gate was not possible. The 6000mm wide driveway was also on a steep hill, the fall on the driveway was over 300mm therefore a tracked based electric sliding gate was not possible.  The only feasible solution was a cantilevered sliding gate.

The client wanted Iroko timber gates for aesthetics and durability, but due to the sheer size of the opening which measured almost 6m steel framework was required to reinforce the timber as the total size of the gate including the cantilever section was over 9 meters in length.

The gate was designed to look like a swing gate from the front, therefore so no metal work could be seen from the front including the channel the gate would slide on. Because of the size and weight of this gate (over 1 tonne), commercial grade motors were installed, however due exact engineering, high quality gate automation components and being finely balanced it could be pushed effortlessly by anyone opening the gate on the manual setting.

Whilst this installation was being carried out, we were also installing a carriage driveway for the next door neighbor simultaneously- pictures will follow shortly. Savings were found and passed on to our clients due to economies of scale- and that we are nice people ;o)

Please see our reference below- it is safe to say the client is very satisfied.

*Please note brickwork on this installation was done by others.

I was tired of other gate installation people telling me, they can get things done but they don’t? or that they couldn’t offer what I wanted due it it being too complex? I was promised results and fell way short as advertised? This happened way too often; it seems to be a trait when dealing with trades people that fit gates- I even had to wait 4 weeks for a poorly written, ambiguous and extortionate quote for things that I never asked for.

Well, fortunately, there are people like David Viera around- David is in another stratosphere to the other ‘gate people’ I dealt with, I consider him a consultant and the best around at what he does based on my dealings with other electric gate companies, and the portfolio of work he has done historically compared with others.  

David and his hardworking team are simply AWESOME! I had the great fortune of crossing paths with David as he came highly recommended from a friend who had some gates designed and fitted by Renzland Powergates Ltd. I came to him looking for some help on an electric gate installation project and he came through in a big way. David is very professional, full of integrity and actually very good fun to work with. David is all about creating high quality and beautiful gate installations in tune with the clients agenda not his own. David gave me many ideas, and figured out the best way to create an impressive entrance within my budget and delivered exactly what I wanted.  

If you have ANY doubt in doing business with David or Renzland Powergates Ltd, please eliminate it after reading this testimonial. It is just a pleasure to write about someone who “walks the talk” and gets results as promised!!

Mr & Mrs Gale, Essex. 


Gate Pier Lights

stone globe lights stone ball lights

386_2 ball lights piers

bespoke.gates.guildford.surrey gate ball lights

If you are looking for a unique way to light your gated driveway entrance why now consider our energy efficient and unique gate pier lights?

Our stylish pier cap ball lights are perfect for entrances and driveways. The “balls” are made from fibreglass and resin, they are then hand painted to look like stone during the day, and give a subtle lighting effect at night. The balls can be customised to match or tone with existing masonry and brickwork.

The lights will be designed as part of your Renzland Powergates Ltd CAD package, prior to your electric gate installation and we also have demo lights, so you can decide if this lighting scene looks right on your property before going ahead.

We hope you find just what you are looking for in this website, but if not, and you feel we can help, please do get in touch either by email or phone. We would love to hear from you.

ball lights close up

The ball is hand painted to resemble stone- Available in ‘Sandstone’, ‘Weathered Stone’ , white’ and ‘Dark Granite’ finishes