Electric Gate Installation – Essex

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bespoke cantilever sliding gate

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Here is a recent electric gate installation in Essex, with a wonderful testimonial from our client we are very proud of.

Due to the limited space on the driveway, a swing gate was not possible. The 6000mm wide driveway was also on a steep hill, the fall on the driveway was over 300mm therefore a tracked based electric sliding gate was not possible.  The only feasible solution was a cantilevered sliding gate.

The client wanted Iroko timber gates for aesthetics and durability, but due to the sheer size of the opening which measured almost 6m steel framework was required to reinforce the timber as the total size of the gate including the cantilever section was over 9 meters in length.

The gate was designed to look like a swing gate from the front, therefore so no metal work could be seen from the front including the channel the gate would slide on. Because of the size and weight of this gate (over 1 tonne), commercial grade motors were installed, however due exact engineering, high quality gate automation components and being finely balanced it could be pushed effortlessly by anyone opening the gate on the manual setting.

Whilst this installation was being carried out, we were also installing a carriage driveway for the next door neighbor simultaneously- pictures will follow shortly. Savings were found and passed on to our clients due to economies of scale- and that we are nice people ;o)

Please see our reference below- it is safe to say the client is very satisfied.

*Please note brickwork on this installation was done by others.

I was tired of other gate installation people telling me, they can get things done but they don’t? or that they couldn’t offer what I wanted due it it being too complex? I was promised results and fell way short as advertised? This happened way too often; it seems to be a trait when dealing with trades people that fit gates- I even had to wait 4 weeks for a poorly written, ambiguous and extortionate quote for things that I never asked for.

Well, fortunately, there are people like David Viera around- David is in another stratosphere to the other ‘gate people’ I dealt with, I consider him a consultant and the best around at what he does based on my dealings with other electric gate companies, and the portfolio of work he has done historically compared with others.  

David and his hardworking team are simply AWESOME! I had the great fortune of crossing paths with David as he came highly recommended from a friend who had some gates designed and fitted by Renzland Powergates Ltd. I came to him looking for some help on an electric gate installation project and he came through in a big way. David is very professional, full of integrity and actually very good fun to work with. David is all about creating high quality and beautiful gate installations in tune with the clients agenda not his own. David gave me many ideas, and figured out the best way to create an impressive entrance within my budget and delivered exactly what I wanted.  

If you have ANY doubt in doing business with David or Renzland Powergates Ltd, please eliminate it after reading this testimonial. It is just a pleasure to write about someone who “walks the talk” and gets results as promised!!

Mr & Mrs Gale, Essex.