10 recommendations to help you choose the right electric Gate installation company

Electric gate installers

With so many electric gate installers available throughout the UK how do you choose the right one?

It’s not every day you buy Electric Gates, it has to be the right gates and for all the right reasons, do not let cost be your only consideration.

If you are thinking about having electric gates installed here are our top 10 recommendations-

1)      Due Diligence– it takes seconds to check a gate installation company credentials on a website such as companycheck.co.uk for free. How long have they been trading? Are they making a profit?, do they file accounts?, do they have assets?- if the answer is no walk away no matter how cheap the deal they are offering it’s not worth the risk especially if they are asking for deposits up front. We can be found as Renzland Powergates Ltd

2)      Know who you are dealing with- Visit their premises- meet the team behind the website. Running a professional business, with staff, processes, vehicles, tools, insurances and other overheads is expensive therefore it is unwise to compare costs with one man bands that might not be in business for the long term and cannot offer the customer service and warranty back up of more established companies.

3)      Specifications/Quality- Always check the details on the gate installers quote ensure it is specific- what type of wood are they proposing? The thickness of the timber? Are the metal gates galvanised? Wrought Iron gates or mild steel? What automation equipment is specified- hydraulic? Electro-mechanical? There is a huge disparity in all these items so check very carefully what you are receiving.

4)      Warranty- Ask for a minimum 2 years warranty for all gate installation labour which will match the manufacturer. Any reputable gate installation company will do this- subject to the gates being serviced in line with manufactures recommendations.

5)      Manufacturer References- Contact the gate automation and access control equipment manufacturer and get a reference, be sure this electric gate installation company is accredited to install there gate automation products- we have heard various horror stories about people fitting cheap gate automation from the internet. We recommend FAAC and BFT Gate Systems.

6)      Design Work- Will your electric gate installers provide CAD design drawings? Or visualisations of how the finished entrance will look like? Having detailed approval drawings agreed before your automatic gates are designed is an important safety net for both the client and the gate installer that way there can be no misunderstandings down the line and you know exactly what they are paying for.

8)      Price- Please don’t always go for the cheapest price, cheap poorly installed electric gates are always the most expensive in the long term and more importantly, potentially the most dangerous. To have reliable and safe electric gates professionally installed by qualified engineers and quality gate automation comes at a price. However the benefits are stunning electric gates that will transform your entrance and add value, security and exclusivity to your home.

9) CE conformity- Ask if the Gate installer CE Mark the gates. The marking consists of the letters “CE”, affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the machine. This must be accompanied by the name of the responsible person (generally the installation company in the case of gates).Further information of CE Marking can be found on http://www.hse.gov.uk/work-equipment-machinery/ce-mark-summary.htm

10) Safety- In June 2010, the tragic deaths of two young children in separate incidents less than one week apart served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. The legal position is that powered gate systems are considered to be “machinery”. This means that, by law,every new powered gate, when it is put into service, must comply with the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) this is an expansive subject however it is imperative that your gate installers comply with these directives, are competent and suitably qualified to identify potential risks and install appropriate gate safety devices. With gate power, comes gate responsibility.

Bonus-  Get a free quote from Renzland Powergates Ltd! We will match all like for like quotes* Subject to site survey and our terms of business. We highly recommend you visit an electric gate installed by us and then compare our work to others- you’ll notice the difference.