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Before Electric Gates


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After Electric Gates
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It’s Ben, and I want to personally thank you for checking out our latest blog which is long overdue and our first one of 2014, its been a very strong start to the year with lots of new and existing gate projects under construction so expect many more case studies, electric gate related articles and pictures coming soon.

This is a recent electric gate installation in Wokingham, Berkshire.

As you will see from the pictures the existing piers were already in situ, therefore we had to work around that was already there. The opening was 4600 which is wider than standard however the brick piers were a little skinny for the opening, so it was decided to subtlety extend the piers and give them the appearance of being large with a composite stone pier cap.

The driveway parking space was at an absolute premium so the electric gates were mounted on to posts at the rear of the piers to give 180 degree opening. We did toy with the idea of making this a electric folding gate installation however the client preferred the automatic gates to have a 180 degree option so more cars could park on the driveway, it also made vehicle access in and out of the garage a lot easier. We chose heavy duty hydraulic underground gate motors as they are faster, more powerful and have a longer life expectancy than electro-mechanical gate operators.

The gates are fabricated from mild steel a modified version of our popular “surrey gates” and were zinc galvanised and power coated in matt satin black. A GSM intercom was installed so the client could control the access remotely and avoided installing data cables inside the house and re-decorating. Finally, we installed a discreet rear access post-box and custom made slate sign- both detailed and finished with silver patina.

If you have a question about electric gates, gate automation kits or access control, you can just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with a few days with an answer to your question that’s personalised for you, from me, and from the senior engineers on my team ben(@)universeuk.com

Timescale 4- 6 weeks

Budget £9,000