Bespoke electric driveway gates in Cobham Surey.

electric gates cobham surreyBespoke Timber gates cobham Another high end electric gate installation for an in and out driveway in Cobham, Surrey.

Renzland gates were selected over a number of other gate installers that cover Cobham.  The property itself has been featured on TV and have won awards for design so it was imperative the driveway entrance matched the unique design and high end quality of the house.

Scope of works-

  • Complete Project Management of the entire electric gates installation –
  •  Provide a structural survey before commencing works- including CAT scan for underground services.
  • Formulate a CAD 3D renderings drawing of new proposed gate systems for Surrey county council planning approval submission
  • Conduct risk assessments and agree programme of works with client
  •  Clear site of all excavated materials-

Renzland Powergates Ltd designed, built and installed 2 x bespoke Iroko gate entrances for a property in Cobham, Surrey. The gates were designed to match the oak framework on the clients home with hand carved house name with raised dowels detailing.

The  unusual apex feature on the gates is made from oak along with the gate posts with the rest of the gates being made from iroko. Over time as the wooden gates weather down, the English oak detailing will give a creamy white grain and subtle defined contrast from the golden, warm-brown texture of iroko.  This in itself is a challenge as the oak element is a solid block of 4000mm x 2000mm timber which will move at different stages so the gates were designed and built to allow for shrinkage and movement which is unavoidable on large timber electric gates.

We have written an article on different species of timber used for automating gates which can be found here-

Custom made gate hinges were forged so that they can be adjusted in the future to allow for gate movement, even the nut heads were sourced especially to match the raise dowels. An effort was made to hide all cabling when most gate installers simply clip cable to the posts; alot of our work will go noticed, however we intrinsically believe there is a tonne of work in between very good and great. 

 541rear view custom made gate hinges

The gates were finished by a french polisher to give the gates a very high end fit and finish. Hydraulic underground gate automaton was chosen due to its better performance with wind effected gates.

Where budget allows we always recommend hydraulic gate automation over electro-mechanical. The BFT gate motors we use are virtually bullet proof- although no one at here at Renzland gates have actually fired a gun into a gate motor to prove this statement. Whilst electro-mechanical gate motors do work well and offer cost savings- would you rather have a gate motor that essentially amounts to a window wiper operator, or hydraulic pumps that work on the same principle used to raise bridges (tower bridge) or operate large digging machines and cranes? We design and build electric gate systems to last for 15 years + not to fall apart inside 3 years. 

The existing gate intercom was re-used but upgraded with a GSM module so our client can speak with visitors from anywhere in the world (with a telephone signal). 

Stage 2 for this Cobham project will be landscaping, feature lighting to illuminate the carving on the gates and CCTV package. Overall we are very pleased with the way the project was executed, but most importantly glad to have another satisfied client in Cobham that has already recommended us to a number of prospective customers in Surrey, London and Berkshire.

  iroko gates before treatment hand carved wooden gates CAD drawings of iroko and oak gates Bespoke Timber gates cobham wooden gates cobham surrey541