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A recent case study for an electric gate system in Essex.

This was a particularly tricky installation in a rural Essex location-  there was no power to main driveway entrance where the gates were to be located. The environment was very boggy, wind affected and isolated meaning everything had to be over engineered to stand the test of time.

A 75 meter trench was dug to connect the power. The posts were installed by using a 1 tonne digger as they were 3000mm long and weighed over 200kg each, this was an arduous process as the posts were sited directly above water mains pipes which had to be relocated. The posts had to installed perfectly aligned with no tolerance for error for the finished product to look right perfect.

The huge Oak gate posts were buried over 1200mm in the ground and installed using over 6 tonnes of concrete (2 tonnes per post) this may seem like overkill but due to the weight of the posts and the clay ground we had serious concerns about subsidence over time.

Once the gate posts were installed and the concrete had fully cured over the course of a few weeks, the gates were hung. Underground hydraulic gate motors were chosen along with a GSM intercom system which avoided a long unnecessary cable run to the house. Safety was designed into the system with safety edges, sensors and a safety loop ensuring to total protection to all users and vehicles. For more information on gate safety please click here

Every minor detail was taken into consideration- the post box was built into the pedestrian gate, the intercom was flushed into the oak post, cobbles were laid to give a definitive boundary and both the wooden gates (iroko) and the posts (oak) were treated with a special stain to ensure the color matched and appeared as through they are from the same species of timber.

The hinges were specially made so they look beautiful from the inside with a distinctive studded effect on the front.

When you are an electric gate installer making a beautiful timber gate and care about the final product, you’re not going to skimp and use a cheap standard hinges on the back, even though the untrained eye will not notice or appreciate it.  We know it’s there, so we go the extra mile and fabricate a beautiful piece of sculptured metal on the back that curves with the gate. For us to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through the entire gate project.

If you are looking for an electric gate company in Essex that offer high quality automatic gates with taste, style and reliability please contact us to see how we can help. We offer Wooden Electric GatesSliding Electric Gates, Metal automatic gates and folding gates in Essex, London and most of the South East.

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timber gates before installedsetting out the oak postssetting out oak posts with a diggerRear view of iroko gates  electric gates essex    Setting out oak posts driveway gates essexBefore driveway gates installation