The 10 best optional extras for electric gate systems-

Here at Renzland Powergates Ltd, we appreciate the importance of detail. Over the following page you’ll find a breakdown optional equipment, as well as details of the comprehensive services and benefits that are available to every Renzland client on all new electric gate installations.

Induction loop vehicle exit 

automatic gate exit induction loop
automatic gate exit induction loop

So, have you ever wondered how electric gates open or close automatically when a car passes over? Probably not- but just so you can bore your friends at the pub, it is done by fitting a copper cable under the driveway linked to a detector, programmed to the gate control board. Still awake? Good! The induction loop creates a magnetic field. The gates will automatically open when a car/motorbike passes over the loop, as the metal in the vehicle is detected which triggers the gates to open .

The cable will be fitted into a protective outer casing, buried into your driveway.  This system is permanently active, however, at additional cost (around £80) it can be controlled during pre-determined times via a timer or turned off by a key switch. The cost includes labour of re-instating the driveway- please note we charge an additional £50 labour for block driveways as it is more labour intensive and time consuming ensuring the blocks are left exactly how we found them.

This also works on bicycles, so please think carefully about this option if you have young children using push bikes on your driveway (or hostages with metal legs that want to escape!)

Extra Gate remote controls (fobs, clickers, zappers!)

electric gate remotes
electric gate remotes

Your electric gate system will come with two stylish and robust remote controls. If you require extra remotes, please select colour and number of buttons required. Each member of the family can have a different coloured remote control, therefore no more arguments over who lost a remote, which are always counter productive to a happy family life!

Battery Back Up

gate battery back up
gate battery back up

FREE ON ALL ORDERS OVER £10k. In the event of a power cut the battery back up will open/close the electric gates up to a maximum of 25 cycles*. The battery will recharge once power is restored.

Power cuts always happen during the worst possible time!  “It’s really fun spending 20 minutes frantically looking for my driveway gate release key, then manually releasing my electric gates at 3am in the pouring rain, when I’m late for a flight” … said no-one, ever…  Add this to  your order to enhance your chi.

*Varies depending on size/weight of gates. Only compatible with 24v Gate systems.

Hi Gain- Antenna

As standard the electric gate system has a built in aerial which is good for a range of 30-50 meters depending on line of sight and atmospheric conditions. This is an additional antenna to improve and extend the range of the remote controls in rural or built up areas.

Extra Pair of Safety Sensors 

See figure 4

Additional rear safety sensors (pictured above as item 4 – the bottom red beam). This prevents electric gates closing on cars parked within the arc/swing of the gates. Item 3 (the top red beam pictured between gate posts) comes as standard.

Extended 5 Year Warranty 

5-year gate warranty
5-year gate warranty

Extended 5 Year Warranty-
Priority Call Out response
2 x Annual Service (Minimum)
Unlimited Call Outs and no labour charges
No parts charges including cabling
Personal Account Manager
Risk Assessment & Advice
25% Discount on additional services
Remote gate monitoring
Legal Protection Insurance

Hi-Speed Gate Motors

fast gate motors
fast gate motors

The fastest electric gate motors available on the market-

This option is subject to our recommendations and site conditions. It is a high security/commercial grade solution and not recommended on softwood products or family residential homes.

The perfect solution where rapid opening and closing manoeuvres are required, ensuring the shortest waiting time and the maximum security. You can have fast opening/slow closing and vice versa.

90° opening in about 8 seconds…(swing gates)

Click here for more information or see video below

Telguard GSM Intercom

gsm gate intercom
gsm gate intercom

Premium Quality GSM intercom crafted from marine grade stainless steel.

Control your automatic gates from anywhere in the world. No internal wiring or redecoration as your land line phones are usually already  in the most convenient place! Saves additional cost of remote controls, handsets, cabling, redecoration and fitting charge . The call can even be diverted to multiple owners.

Enjoy increased security, as your visitor will be unaware whether you are home or not… ideal for those early mornings when you have uninvited in-laws or annoying door-to-door sales people visiting you. You can accept deliveries when not home, or even dial in to latch your gate open. Programming, faults and diagnostics available are in real-time, remotely reducing engineer visits.

FREE ENGRAVING! For a personal touch, the unit can be engraved with your house name which we will do for free because we love crafting bespoke products  😉

Please click here for spec- 

Cost does not include SIM card and ongoing call charges.

Alternatively an ABS plastic version is available at only £695 + VAT.

Wireless Intercom (Audio only and Audio visual available) 

aes wireless intercom
aes wireless intercom

A high quality wireless intercom with a  very long range;  would be suitable for most residential and commercial properties. With extra handsets, you can use this as an internal intercom too.  However, please bear in mind that adding more than two handsets will be cost comparable to a GSM system (which has more functionality).

The external front panel has a neon blue back light for night time and is made from marine grade stainless steel with a toughened gloss acrylic front.

This premium version of the AES 603 DECT Wireless Kit includes a built in, illuminated keypad for access control via a numerical code, so you can grant access to friends and family without them disturbing you.

Another benefit for you, is the voice mail feature on the handset, meaning that when you return home you can check if you’ve missed anyone. You will never miss a call at your automatic gate again!

Please click here for spec sheet.

Additional internal keypad

Internal keypad
Internal keypad

External keypad entry system to open the electric gates. Stores up to 99 codes. The keypad also illuminates at night. Really handy if you forget your gate remote when putting the bins out or you do not want to give children, gardeners or butlers a remote!

2 Bonus options!

LED Lighting 

wall lights
wall lights

A sleek contemporary light design to compliment your new automatic gate system.

The light can act as a warning flashing light, or provide ambient lighting like a fixed courtesy light when the gates open. When connected to a 12/24 Vac/Vdc output, the light can remain permanently lit, and also be activated at dusk to then turn off at dawn thanks to the integrated dusk sensor. The lights can even be turned on/off using your gate remote control.

Optimal efficiency, extra long life: the two 1 W-LED’s guarantee a lifetime of 70,000 hours (continuous use).

Horizontal, wall or ceiling mounting: combined with the possibility of orienting the light beam and compact dimensions of the IP44 box, use is even more flexible

Price includes fitting, cabling, protective ducting, ancillary components and power supply.

Touch Screen Interface

gate control touch screen
gate control touch screen

Internal touch screen automatic gate and light controls-

Management of timed controls through the built-in weekly and hourly programme, fault finding display, speed, open delay and light settings.

Wall mounted or comes with built in stand.