Large Multi -User Entrance Gerrards Cross

Another large multi user automatic gate project completed in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire that service over 70 homes.

Renzland gates were selected by the board of directors after a formal tender process. We worked closely with the management committee and architect to design the system and offer technical support to help obtain planning permission which took over 18 months and several appeals.

The new entrance with electric gates in Gerrard’s Cross had to be constructed in such a way that the entrance was still usable so it could be fully operational during the work.  The entrance was widened to accommodate the new gate system which would have entry and exit gates, plus two pedestrian gates. The entrance was separated by an additional traffic island to control the flow of traffic into the development.

As there was no power at the entrance for the electric gates system to work, we excavated a 50 meter trench across the road which was re-instated.  Further ducting and inspection chambers were installed at every pier so cabling can easily be replaced in the future.

We constructed a brand new 5 pier entrance with stone pier caps, matching signage and feature lighting on both sides. The brick piers have an attractive bell core, and insert panel.  A large roadside cabinet was fitted with a fuse board to house the many electronics and ancillary systems that were required to control the system.

The gates were hung from heavy duty steel posts; all the components were bolted on so they can easily be adjusted or replaced in the future, this is a time consuming process rather than welding on site but affords a higher quality end product. The client required a high end fit and finish so all the cables were discreetly run inside the posts with additional inspection chambers so they are tamper proof and more aesthetically pleasing.   The gates and matching railings were custom made with an additional “shadow bar” at the top rail which is a way of layering metal to obtain a high end look and feel. All metalwork were galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and powder coated to BS EN 13438 and BS EN 15773.

After careful consideration, we installed a Telguard GSM intercom for the residents’ use.

Telguard are the number one GSM door entry specialist in the UK, we have worked with Telguard for many years and they have a proven track record of delivering bespoke solutions where standard ubiquitous products are not going to have the functionality or back up support that a large, multi-user residential gates system requires. In our opinion, having fitted hundreds of intercoms on various gated developments over the years, the quality, reliability and back end support of Telguard is second to none. There is no better.

We installed a premium quality GSM intercom crafted from marine grade stainless steel, with a digital screen that scrolls to select the chosen recipient. If the call connects to a mobile phone, it is possible to control the entrance from anywhere in the world with a mobile phone signal.

As the system calls the existing landline and/or mobile phone, this eliminated the need to cable inside each flat for an intercom- which would have been a colossal project in itself and very expensive! As most people have a landline installed at their home (as a condition of broadband), it made sense for the residents to simply use their existing telephone line to answer the call, which then diverts to a mobile after a pre-determined time.

Telguard were instrumental in the pre-construction process; they specified all the equipment necessary and attended a Residents Association board meeting to demo the equipment and answer questions. They have since provided ongoing support. Programming, faults and diagnostics available are in real-time, remotely reducing engineer visits.

The Telguard unit was pre-programmed before the door station was fitted- this reduced time on site and ensured everything was thoroughly tested to minimise downtime.  The two additional pedestrian gates were fitted with a coded entry system which also only worked during pre-determined times. As a finishing touch the front control unit (door station) was engraved with the development’s name.

We recently wrote an article on access control which can be found here-

The gates were fitted at the rear of the brick piers to avoid trapping points and were hinged in such a way that there are no reducing side gaps as the gates close. The gate automation was provided by BFT a market leader in electric gate system. We fitted heavy duty hydraulic gate motors which are suitable for continuous usage. Additional safety edges and safety loops, magnet locks, signage and road markings were fitted to ensure the system, force tested and commissioned to comply with all current EU Safety legislation and BS EN 12453:2001

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