Multi User Electric Gates for Mansion House in Kingswood, Surrey

The Brief

The owners of a beautiful mansion house in Kingswood, Surrey wanted completely bespoke electric driveway gates to make an impressive visual statement for visitors arriving at the entrance.

There were a number of issues associated with this automatic gate installation- The closest electricity point was over 500m away, the client already had very large, very heavy wrought iron gates which needed a very powerful gate motor to operate. Finally the mansion was separated into a number of individual properties with a number of elderly residents to the access control had to be as user friendly as possible whilst being very secure.

The design of the gated entrance had to fit in with existing landscape, it had to be a very high end fit and finish with no visible cables or welds, and above all the new electric gates had to be reliable and very safe.

The Surrey client also needed additional brickwork, and feature lights, power supplied to the entrance with its own meter so they required an electric gate installation company to manage the entire construction rather than having to organise multiple contractors at the same time.

The Solution

Renzland Powergates Ltd consulted with the client and residents and designed and managed the entire project from initial visualisation, CAD drawings, through to handover and completion. We produced CAD drawings and visual renderings so the client could submit this to the council for planning permission.

We liaised with UK power networks to arrange for power to be located close to the entrance. This involved Renzland Powergates Ltd digging a 50m trench with ducting for power and arranging safety and a traffic management system while the works were carried out. A fuse board in a large metal cabinet also needed to be installed so a meter could be fitted. The power was successfully installed.

The brickwork was completed by our full time builder, we installed 2 very large heavy gauge RSJ’s installed inside the brickwork to support the wrought iron gates that measured over 4m wide by 3.5m high. After point loading calculations it was decided to bury the RSJs over 1.5 meters deep in the ground.

The gates are wrought iron (not mild steel tubing) and were extraordinarily heavy weighing in over 1 tonne per leaf. The gates had to be carried and hang using a tele-handler. Specialist hydraulic gate motors were installed to automate the gates.

To compliment the electric gates we installed a passive access control system so the metal gates will open automatically for the elderly residents so they do not have to remember access codes. We also fitted a GSM intercom with digital display and a tradesman’s button, internal exit keypad, a fireman’s key switch, battery backup for electric gate motors and some decorative lanterns which are activated on a dusk/dawn sensor.

The result is a spectacular one of a kind entrance that has received many admiring glances and positive comments from many people in Surrey. This will no doubt add far more value to the property than the cost of the electric gates themselves.

We believe this is one of the finest gate installations in the country in terms of attention to detail, fit and finish and equipment supplied. The gates compliment the mansion house beautifully and we are confident they will stand the test of time and be reliable and secure for many years to come with our electric gates servicing and maintenance plan.

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