Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation

Telescopic gates are designed to allow a sliding gate to take up less space to the side of the opening. This is ideal where a conventional sliding space will not work, as there is not enough space for the gate to slide into.

As you will see in the video below we have created a system which affords a 5500mm gate to slide into a space of only 3200mm.

Telescopic sliding gates work by individual sections of a gate that are linked together and overlap each other as the gate opens to cover a larger opening.

As with all any other type of automatic gates system there will always be a degree of customisation, so therefore many of the technical components will vary, the size, specification of materials and visual appearance will always be different from project to project to ensure the operational and aesthetic requirements of the site are fully met.

Technical factors that need to be considered are;  level of security, usage, safety, integrating access control system and combining this with aesthetics and ease of use.

Here are 3 advantages and disadvantages of a telescopic sliding gate system.


Space- A telescopic gate will open into a space smaller than the entrance to which it is positioned. This is idea when a conventional sliding gate does not have enough space or parking space is limited and swing gate will not work.

Speed- Telescopic gates move open and close very quickly. A lot of consideration needs to be paid towards gate safety (below).

Security- Another advantage of telescopic gates are that they move incredibly quickly and cannot be forced open without exceptional leverage.


Ground levels- An important consideration when deciding if a telescopic gate is suitable for the entrance is how the level the ground is, or can be made to be. As the system uses a track it is essential that the telescopic gate runs on a on level ground. We are currently working on a cantilevered telescopic gate system to overcome this issue and we will post updates when this has been mastered.

Safety- If not set up correctly telescopic gates have the potential very dangerous. We will not fit railheads (spikes) on the top of the gate- because the telescopic sliding gate effectively becomes a giant hedge trimmer! We will also need to sheet the gate, open bars are not recommend at all because any body part that comes between the bars will be harmed when opening. It is possible to have an open bar design with the use of laser safety curtain.

Costs- Telescopic Gates are technically very challenging, this is not job for your average gate installer. A lot of time needs to go into the design process and they twice as long to install due to nature of setting up the drive system, linkages, 2 x tracks and all the additional safety required. The system will also require an upgraded motor and will need regular maintenance as the tension cable will require adjustment. Ordinarily we build the system in our factory and test it, then disassemble and reassemble on a customers entrance. Due to the amount of work & material cost involved we do not install telescopic sliding gates for less than £15,000+ VAT

Bi-Parting Sliding Electric Gate


Bi Parting sliding electric gate
Bi Parting sliding electric gate

Here is a recent installation of a bi-parting automatic sliding gate. A bi-parting electric gate was recommended to the client as a swing gate would have made the access in/out difficult via car and there was not enough room for a standard single sliding gate to run back into due to existing tree roots.

The added advantage to a bi-parting sliding gate is that it opens twice as fast as a standard gate, and if done right it can be made to look like a pair of swing gates.

CAD approval drawings for sliding gates
CAD approval drawings for sliding gates

During the design process we worked closely with the client to come up with a style they wanted to achieve and the drawings we created were used to apply for planning permission. This style of gate affords a degree of privacy from passing traffic but not completely enclosed.

CAD approval drawings of electric gates
CAD approval drawings of electric gates
Pre-build visual rendering of gate system
Pre-build visual rendering of gate system

Once planning was approved (which did take several months!), groundwork was started to excavate for the track. The track was skilfully excavated via a mini digger- great care was taken as there as a number of underground services that came up on a scan and needed to be avoided. The track is welded to a heavy duty RSJ. To reduce costs (or cut corners!) many other gate installation companies merely bolt the track down to a concrete base, the problem with this is that over time the concrete breaks up and the track will bend. By adding the additional RSJ this eliminates the issues and has a much higher capacity for weight loading.


The track had to be aligned behind the existing brick piers and positioned in such a way that the gate did not fail on the pier caps as the gate opened, but not so far way that it would leave an unsightly gap.  The rear of the track had additional paving slabs installed, to retain the earth and provide a nice neat finish as pictured below.

Rear of gate track paved to retain the earth
Rear of gate track paved to retain the earth

The gates were manufactured using Iroko timber and had a built in steel reinforcement framework which helps support and stabilise the gate, provide torsion and prevent the timber from twisting, warping and moving over time. Subtle details were added to the gate such as carved banister rails, and we kept the open bars at the back of the gates even though it would not be visible from the front. To us, it’s equally important that the rear of the gate looks as well crafted as the font- especially for our clients as this is the side they will see more often!

Internal view of bi-parting sliding electric gate
Internal view of bi-parting sliding electric gate

To ensure the sliding gates were safe we fitted them with a number safety edges to protect against crushing and two pairs of safely sensors in front and behind the gates to ensure it is compliant with safety regulations.  We fitted a GSM Intercom, and a rear exit keypad. All the cabling was installed with great care and attention to detail to ensure there were no visible wires which is very important to attain a high end fit and finish.

Both the clients and our team are very pleased with the outcome, if you have home in Surrey, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent or Essex and would like to see what we can do for you please get in touch we would love to help.

Here is a video of the gate in action. Project value circa £12k + VAT

How much does it cost to automate existing gates?

Often clients underestimate the cost of automating an existing gate. They tell us they search on the internet for a cheap gate automation kit for £300 then look for an electrician from Check-a-Trade to fit it in a day, for a few hundred pounds… bingo problem solved! Not exactly….

Their gate system might last for a couple of weeks before it all goes wrong, they then call us to come and rip everything out to start again! In most cases, the electric gate system will not even be legal and worst case it is highly dangerous!

The gate automation kit price only makes up a percentage of the total cost and the cheapest kits are usually the most expensive in the long term.

Our underground gate automation installation prices start at £2,600 + VAT.

First and foremost, there are labour costs; we respect electricians greatly however the electrical elements are only part of the job. It takes at least 5 years’ practical experience to be a qualified gate engineer.

Any true gate engineer will have all of the following skills and experience-

  • Industry approved training course qualification pass (DHF, Gate Safe, Etc.)
  • System design knowledge and assessment
  • Awareness of Standards & Regulations
  • Health & Safety procedures and practices
  • Risk reviewing for safe system operation and advice
  • Fault finding and rectification skills
  • Electrical competency & regulations
  • Ground works
  • Civil & Structural engineering skills
  • Landscaping and Drainage experience
  • Light building & Building Regulations
  • Fabrication, Erection and Welding
  • Mechanical engineering skills
  • Mathematics i.e. gate geometry, weight calculations
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatic’s
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Qualified and certified by all major automation brands- BFT, CAME, FAAC, Nice, Beninca.
  • Wide knowledge of Industry products, procedures & best options
  • Commissioning procedures and system maintenance
  • Access control & telecommunications interface
  • Audio & video, CCTV
  • Associated products & services, lighting, alarms
  • Making good & decoration
  • Computer literacy
  • First aid
  • Customer liaison & training
  • Technical file creation & management
  • On top of all this- be respectful, happy, friendly and prepared to work outside in all 

These requirements vary depending on the complexity of the project but all our gate engineers are trained and ready for anything- and as you can imagine gate engineers with these skills are hard to find and command good salaries.

It requires over £5,000 worth of specialist tools to carry out most gate installations. We are constantly buying tools due to the high demands placed on them working outside in all temperatures and conditions!

Before work is carried out legally the qualified gate installation company have to carry out a detailed risk assessment, point loading calculations and a execute a full site survey.

Next, the equipment must be purchased. Here follows a typical list of components/costs required to automate a gate (excluding the automation kit which can run in at over £1000 alone):

  • Electrical enclosure / Cabinet
  • Junction boxes
  • Adaptable conduit
  • Armoured termination glands
  • Cable cleats and ties
  • Safety edges, receiver- its worth noting in some cases (particularly electric sliding gates) the safety equipment costs to make the gates legally compliant can amount to more than the gate automation costs!
  • Direct burial data cable
  • SWA cable
  • Flexible power cable
  • Concrete
  • Ballast
  • Sheet metal for modifications
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Gate stops
  • Ducting
  • Clips, bolts, fixings
  • Resin, Silicon, Grease
  • Disposable items such as welding rods, cutting disc’s and diamond blades.
  • Disposal of waste from site (skip on site)
  • Fuel to from site
  • Parking/Congestion charges
  • Allowance in cost for warranty return visits
  • Delivery charges.

All this is without standard business over heads such as insurance, office costs, rates, vehicles, tools, advertising, accreditation’s, transportation and admin, accounts and sales staff costs etc!

In most cases this type of work takes 2-3 days on site and requires 2 engineers as the gates have to be lifted. There is also a lot of time consuming off site work such as planning the installation, ordering the materials, client liaison and document control.

Once the installation has been completed, we then carry out extensive testing, we have to force test the gates and complete a technical file, CE Mark the gates and provide a 2 year warranty.

Only then are we happy to carry out a demonstration, handover, with controls, to the client.

We hope this goes a little way to explaining everything we need to do, The words ‘cheap’ and ‘electric gates’ have never been in the same sentence! However, if done well, automated gates will be convenient, secure, safe and well worth the investment.

Therefore, if Renzland Powergates Ltd are £2000 more than a jobbing electrician prepared to try his hand at electric gates, you can be sure you are getting £2,000+ more of a job.

Electric Gates and the Law

Domestic owners of electric gates are advised to keep them in a safe condition or face the possibility of being sued for negligence should anything goes wrong. An automatic gate is a machine and like any other, it poses potential risks to children and adults alike.

In 2006, the first of a series of high profile child deaths associated with electric gates occurred, followed by the watershed moment in 2010 when two children died in separate automatic gate incidents in the same week.

In 2014, two companies associated with one of the 2010 tragic child death incidents were convicted of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.   Interestingly, the companies that were prosecuted were not the original electric gate installers but those who had been involved in repair and maintenance of the automatic gate since installation.  Understandably today, those involved in repair and maintenance of electric gates are very cautious about the safety of systems they repair or maintain. We have a care of duty to inform clients of potential legal ramifications.

Most serious injuries and fatalities occur by structural failure. Over the course of time, welds rust and fail, fixings become loose and foundations move. We were recently asked to attend a site where a heavy automatic metal gate fell on to a delivery driver waiting at the gates with a package. The gate was not fitted by us.  The collapse occurred because expanding anchors (not rated for brickwork) used to fix the hinge had been installed in successive mortar layers which eventually forced the bricks apart. This should have been identified by a competent electric gate engineer during a service visit and rectified. The customer is currently being pursued in court as it is viewed that the homeowner had failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that the gate was in a fit state of repair.

Unfortunately, the homeowner’s insurance company will not cover this claim as the pursuer’s injury, loss and damage were as a result of the defender’s failures and compensation in excess of £225,000 is expected.

The laws affecting the manufacture and installation of new and extensively modified powered gates come from three differing sources:
1.           European Law – CE marking and fair trade legislation;
2.           National statutes – health and safety laws;
3.           Common Law – negligence.

Regular serving and maintenance will ensure-
–            The system works as designed;
–            All elements are secure;
–            The electrical system is safe;
–            Safe clearances are achieved;
–            All safety devices work;
–            That forces are safe;
–            The risk assessment was valid;
–            That hazard control measures have worked

The first stage of the process should be a visual inspection to ensure that:

–            All welding, nuts bolts, fixings and foundations are secure;
–            Travel stops are secure and resilient (even when used in manual);
–            Guides, rollers and hinges are secure and resistant to single fault failure;
–            Guards are secure and effective;
–            Safety distances are achieved;
–            Cabling is secure and protected mechanically;
–            Earth connections present and tight;
–            Wire terminations correct and secure;
–            All cable entries are sealed;
–            Enclosures are sealed;
–            Warning signs are in place.

The next stage is to do some testing:

Electrical tests – polarity, continuity, insulation, earth fault loop, RCD function etc. Functional tests of all elements:

–            Limit switches;
–            Photo cells;
–            Loop detectors operating the correct command;
–            Intercoms, keypads, key switches, buttons, transmitters etc. operating the correct command;
–            Safety device function and response.
–            Condition of all cabling and junction box’s;
–            Security and effectiveness of all earth connections;
–            Security of all wire terminations;
–            Torque setting on control unit (99%);
–            Condition of photo cells internally and externally;
–            Sealing of photo cell covers and cable entry;
–            Sealing of control unit cover and cable entries;
–            Overall gate structure and plumb of hinges;
–            Overall condition of rams;
–            Condition of all safety edges.

This is not intended as a definitive list but it does indicate the level of detail required.  In most cases this must be accompanied by some specification detail for oils, greases and reference to any component specific manuals necessary to assist with the process.

Legal Responsibilities of the Owner

 Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992

– Regulation 18 requires that workplace owners ensure their gate systems are safe and regulation 5 requires that they follow a system of planned preventative maintenance to keep the gate safe.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

–            Section 3 places a responsibility on landlords and managing agents keep gates safe for tenants and other users; essentially follow a system of planned preventative maintenance.

–            The 1974 act also applies to workplace owners in tandem with the Workplace Regulations.


This is common law (Roman law in Scotland) and means that any person who by their action or inaction causes injury to persons or damage to property may be sued in a civil action for damages.  Hence anyone with responsibilities for powered gates could be affected.   There is no criminal responsibility for a domestic owner of a powered gate, they along with everyone else could face civil action for negligence should anything go wrong.

Bespoke Electric Gates | Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

These contemporary, beautifully crafted swinging gates were commissioned on behalf of our client in Coombe Park, Kingston Hill, Surrey. Renzland Powergates Ltd also designed these gates, which gave them added uniqueness and exclusivity.

Pedestrian Gate
Pedestrian Gate

The brief was to provide secure yet attractive gates; safety, security, ease of use and aestetics were key requirements. The client opted for motorised gates (both “in” and “out” entrances), two pedestrian gates and matching railings.

Both entrances were on a sharp slope; the bottom of the electric gates needed to be angled (racked) so it ran parallel to the gradient, while the rest of the assembly was square and true to it’s geometry. This avoids an unsightly gap underneath on one side. The automatic gate had to be carefully designed and fit to ensure it would not strike the driveway when it opened. The gates were hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated in gloss black. Access control operates via hand-held transmitters, hardwired intercom and keypad.

This property is located on a highly sought-after area in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey; therefore only a high-end fit and finish was acceptable. Luckily, Renzland Powergates Ltd was the right choice to deliver a stunning entrance and the end result is another member of our network of happy customers!

Automatic Gates Kingston Surrey
Automatic Gates Kingston Surrey
Driveway Gates Kingston Surrey
Driveway Gates Kingston Surrey
Electric Gates Kingston Surrey
Electric Gates Kingston Surrey

Electric Gates costs proposal advice

Its not every day you buy electric gates!

To help you make the right decision, we have detailed three important points for you to consider when reading through a gate installers proposal.

  1. Ambiguity

 A vague proposal may infer that you cannot be sure of what you will actually get. It may also indicate a lack of certainty as to when/how they will commence and complete your project. The less detail in the proposal, the more opportunity to use inferior products.

A poorly defined ‘scope of work’ or ‘recommendations’ may lead to additional, unexpected fees, since assumptions about the scope are made on both sides. For example, we recently lost a project based on a price differential of around £1,000 which to most people is a lot of money. Our competitor did not specify the electric gate motors they would use (a common trick- so clients cannot Google costs for themselves online). As it turned out, they used cheap, Made in China-produced gate operators which were woefully inadequate for the intended project and came with no warranty or UK customer support. Needless to say, the gates malfunctioned and were replaced at considerable cost. Furthermore, the metal gates were not galvanised and rusted within a few short months. In worst-case scenarios we’ve seen projects result in long delays, litigation and even complete failures to complete, while companies attempted to sort out these types of conflicts.

Flaky, unclear proposals may indicate that the electric gate company hasn’t put any real thought into your needs nor made the effort to form a recommendation that would truly address those needs. Perhaps these companies are not seeking your best interests or a long-term relationship with you.

If you are not impressed by the thought, care and level of detail contained in a company’s proposal and it appears ambiguous or too cheap, pass on that company. Wait for the proposal that makes you say, “Wow, they thought of everything!”

Lastly, a company’s proposal is a reflection of their overall work ethic. If they present a quote poorly, how will they design and fit your gates? if it is not detailed, professional and presented in a timely manor how can you expect there work to be any different.

  1. Cheap Prices

“Electric Gates are really cheap!”…. Said no one. Ever. If other electric gate fitters are quoting significantly less than a competitor, be wary.

 If your quote is too good to be true, put on a helmet, get in crash position, and brace for impact because you may be setting yourself up for huge disappointment in the quality, execution and results of your project. A low ball proposal may infer that the company does not understand the real scope of work that is involved in making your electric gate design project successful. It might indicate a combination of incompetence, desperation and general lack of quality products and/or skill.

NEVER buy into a gate company solely on price. A company that provides quality work does not represent the lowest cost provider in his/her own industry. A quality and trusted electric gate company with a proven track record  will take great pride in the distinctions that justify their higher costs.

The lowest bidder is a bottom feeder for a reason and you could be throwing your money away.

  1. Limitations

 If a company cannot provide evidence of sophisticated or custom-made projects, perhaps they have not completed any?

 A company that uses ‘copy and paste’ gates to churn out a string of run-of-the-mill tasteless cheap projects has not encountered any real challenges and most likely could not conquer them if they had to.

To us, imitation is suicide. Avoid companies that cannot demonstrate their own complex work (e.g. around the corner gates, bi-folding gates, cantilever gates or large multi discipline projects). Talented engineers with professional skill sets do not come cheap!

 Also ask for before and during photos of portfolio pictures. Anyone can take a picture of an entrance gate- this is not evidence that they fitted it.

 Make sure your automatic gate company has a track record of successfully delivering a variety of challenging custom solutions, even if you feel your project is an easy one. It’s well worth choosing a company that can grow with you, so that you are not forced to part ways because of limitations to their abilities.

Thank you for reading. If you are looking for further points to consider, please click here


Electric gates installation Richmond- East Sheen

Another high end installation by Renzland Powergates Ltd in East Sheen / Richmond, Surrey.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality custom designed gates and railings. We have a range of standard designs but can create and install exquisite bespoke wrought iron and metalwork to the client’s exact requirements. We can also custom make our own unique rail heads and components for one of a kind gates in our workshop in Essex- for the kind of high end craftsman ship we deliver you’ll find our rates highly competitive.

As you will see from the pictures below the bricks were specially sourced to create a distinctive contrast the house face bricks, the gates were painted grey to match the timber window frames on the house.

This East Sheen gate installation installation was completed with a high end access control system and heavy duty hydraulic gate motors.

Before Automatic Gates East Sheen SurreyBefore Gate installation Richmond SurreyElectric gates east SheenElectric Gates RichmondMetal gates surreyRailings RichmondWrought Iron gates surrey

Electric Gates Essex

 electric gates essexRear view of timber gates essex

A recent case study for an electric gate system in Essex.

This was a particularly tricky installation in a rural Essex location-  there was no power to main driveway entrance where the gates were to be located. The environment was very boggy, wind affected and isolated meaning everything had to be over engineered to stand the test of time.

A 75 meter trench was dug to connect the power. The posts were installed by using a 1 tonne digger as they were 3000mm long and weighed over 200kg each, this was an arduous process as the posts were sited directly above water mains pipes which had to be relocated. The posts had to installed perfectly aligned with no tolerance for error for the finished product to look right perfect.

The huge Oak gate posts were buried over 1200mm in the ground and installed using over 6 tonnes of concrete (2 tonnes per post) this may seem like overkill but due to the weight of the posts and the clay ground we had serious concerns about subsidence over time.

Once the gate posts were installed and the concrete had fully cured over the course of a few weeks, the gates were hung. Underground hydraulic gate motors were chosen along with a GSM intercom system which avoided a long unnecessary cable run to the house. Safety was designed into the system with safety edges, sensors and a safety loop ensuring to total protection to all users and vehicles. For more information on gate safety please click here

Every minor detail was taken into consideration- the post box was built into the pedestrian gate, the intercom was flushed into the oak post, cobbles were laid to give a definitive boundary and both the wooden gates (iroko) and the posts (oak) were treated with a special stain to ensure the color matched and appeared as through they are from the same species of timber.

The hinges were specially made so they look beautiful from the inside with a distinctive studded effect on the front.

When you are an electric gate installer making a beautiful timber gate and care about the final product, you’re not going to skimp and use a cheap standard hinges on the back, even though the untrained eye will not notice or appreciate it.  We know it’s there, so we go the extra mile and fabricate a beautiful piece of sculptured metal on the back that curves with the gate. For us to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through the entire gate project.

If you are looking for an electric gate company in Essex that offer high quality automatic gates with taste, style and reliability please contact us to see how we can help. We offer Wooden Electric GatesSliding Electric Gates, Metal automatic gates and folding gates in Essex, London and most of the South East.

Hi res pictures of all our electric gates installations can be found on our facebook and google plus page.

timber gates before installedsetting out the oak postssetting out oak posts with a diggerRear view of iroko gates  electric gates essex    Setting out oak posts driveway gates essexBefore driveway gates installation

Bespoke electric driveway gates in Cobham Surey.

electric gates cobham surreyBespoke Timber gates cobham Another high end electric gate installation for an in and out driveway in Cobham, Surrey.

Renzland gates were selected over a number of other gate installers that cover Cobham.  The property itself has been featured on TV and have won awards for design so it was imperative the driveway entrance matched the unique design and high end quality of the house.

Scope of works-

  • Complete Project Management of the entire electric gates installation –
  •  Provide a structural survey before commencing works- including CAT scan for underground services.
  • Formulate a CAD 3D renderings drawing of new proposed gate systems for Surrey county council planning approval submission
  • Conduct risk assessments and agree programme of works with client
  •  Clear site of all excavated materials-

Renzland Powergates Ltd designed, built and installed 2 x bespoke Iroko gate entrances for a property in Cobham, Surrey. The gates were designed to match the oak framework on the clients home with hand carved house name with raised dowels detailing.

The  unusual apex feature on the gates is made from oak along with the gate posts with the rest of the gates being made from iroko. Over time as the wooden gates weather down, the English oak detailing will give a creamy white grain and subtle defined contrast from the golden, warm-brown texture of iroko.  This in itself is a challenge as the oak element is a solid block of 4000mm x 2000mm timber which will move at different stages so the gates were designed and built to allow for shrinkage and movement which is unavoidable on large timber electric gates.

We have written an article on different species of timber used for automating gates which can be found here-

Custom made gate hinges were forged so that they can be adjusted in the future to allow for gate movement, even the nut heads were sourced especially to match the raise dowels. An effort was made to hide all cabling when most gate installers simply clip cable to the posts; alot of our work will go noticed, however we intrinsically believe there is a tonne of work in between very good and great. 

 541rear view custom made gate hinges

The gates were finished by a french polisher to give the gates a very high end fit and finish. Hydraulic underground gate automaton was chosen due to its better performance with wind effected gates.

Where budget allows we always recommend hydraulic gate automation over electro-mechanical. The BFT gate motors we use are virtually bullet proof- although no one at here at Renzland gates have actually fired a gun into a gate motor to prove this statement. Whilst electro-mechanical gate motors do work well and offer cost savings- would you rather have a gate motor that essentially amounts to a window wiper operator, or hydraulic pumps that work on the same principle used to raise bridges (tower bridge) or operate large digging machines and cranes? We design and build electric gate systems to last for 15 years + not to fall apart inside 3 years. 

The existing gate intercom was re-used but upgraded with a GSM module so our client can speak with visitors from anywhere in the world (with a telephone signal). 

Stage 2 for this Cobham project will be landscaping, feature lighting to illuminate the carving on the gates and CCTV package. Overall we are very pleased with the way the project was executed, but most importantly glad to have another satisfied client in Cobham that has already recommended us to a number of prospective customers in Surrey, London and Berkshire.

  iroko gates before treatment hand carved wooden gates CAD drawings of iroko and oak gates Bespoke Timber gates cobham wooden gates cobham surrey541

Around the corner sliding gate | Unique electric gate solutions

Many clients, particularly in London want an electric gate system to secure their car and property but their driveway has limited space for access. Electric gates are not permitted to swing outwards towards a public highway and a standard sliding gate would require too much space to open, so often, the best solution can be found by installing a round the corner sliding gate.

Renzland Powergates Ltd can offer clients a custom made round the corner sliding gate system which affords clients benefit of excellent utilisation of space, increased security, not protruding over a property boundary line whilst enhancing the value and saleability of a property.

The round the corner gate will conveniently and quietly slide along the side of the boundary line not obscuring any valuable parking spaces. Safety is assured due to safety edges, sensors and light curtains. We would also recommend if the gate system is not linked to acces control should be operated on a hold to run basis. The round the corner sliding gates can be integrated to CCTV, lighting and access control system if needed.

We are able to offer clients a large range of finishes- both timber and metal gates that “bend” around corners, while ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing and affording prestige. We can also design and install matching round the corner garage doors for mews properties that want the look and feel of a standard swing garage door without the “commercial” look of a roller shutter.

If you are live in London, Surrey, Berkshire or the Southeast and have an awkward driveway with a door or gate and are looking for a stylish electric gates solution, we would love to hear from you.

Our expert team can work with garden designers, architects and specifiers to design a solution to almost any problem area. We can provide CAD drawing and visual rendering of the proposed driveway gates. We love the challenge of transforming awkward driveways into prestigious examples of style and quality when other gate installation companies have walked away and said it could not be done.

We also offer “pop up” gates which raise of out the ground via a multi staged hydraulic pumping system, telescopic sliding gates and even gates that raise into the air, we have over 30 years of experience on unique projects.

View our video below to see our round the corner gate in West Hampstead, London, NW3.

Before / after

Before Around the corner gate
Before Around the corner gate
After Around the corner gate
After Around the corner gate

Internal view

More Case Studies

Rising Bollards – Installation

Our client previously installed a traffic management system in the form of parking barriers to its private car park; however it was poorly set up and did not offer the level of access control and security the client required.

Heavy Duty Commercial Gates with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Access Control Integration

A police station required a secure and reliable automatic gate system with passive access control. The client didn’t want the risk of losing a remote control or coded entry as entry.

Bespoke Electric Gates Installation- Nr Guildford, Surrey

The owner of a property in Godalming near Guildford, Surrey wanted completely bespoke electric driveway gates to make an impressive visual statement for visitors arriving at the entrance.

Large Multi -User Entrance Gerrards Cross

Another large multi user automatic gate project completed in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire that service over 70 homes.