Electric Sliding Gates

Renzland Powergates Ltd are experts at installing electric sliding gates

We have installed many cantilever sliding gates, track based sliding gates and manual Sliding Gates on a variety of applications from Sliding Gates driveway residential homes, to schools, commercial premises and multi user systems and even around corners!

Please look through our portfolio for examples of previous sliding gate installations.

The installation of an electric sliding gate system is a little more involved than any other type of electric gate as it has to have more civil engineering done at the initial stage, but once the correct ground track and/or cantilever roller frames are installed, then the installation follows the same format as with other types of electric gates, continuing with the mechanical engineering stage of gate fabrication and gate mounting, followed by the final stage of electrical fixing and commissioning.

Sliding Gate Systems are the most secure automatic gate systems around, as due to their operation and positioning, when closed they are almost impossible to open. They are held in place by the tracking system, drive motor, and other features of the installation, such that they cannot be wedged sideways except by very unusual and extreme force.

Sliding electric gates are an excellent way of creating more useable space for parking from the area which would have been required for swing gate opening or if the property requires a higher level of security.

Any of our steel or timber gate designs can be supplied as tracked sliding gates or cantilevered gates and linked in with any access control requirements.

Please note all our gate systems are fully CE accredited, and conforms to the machinery Directive 2006/46/EC.

Case Studies

Multi User Electric Gates for Mansion House in Kingswood, Surrey

The owners of a beautiful mansion house in Kingswood, Surrey wanted completely bespoke electric driveway gates to make an impressive visual statement for visitors arriving at the entrance.

Electric Gates Installation Camberley, Surrey

The client wanted electric gates to increase privacy of their open driveway and give the entrance an identity, however the driveway was on a steep slope which prevented the gates from swinging open freely.

Bespoke Electric Gates Installation- Nr Guildford, Surrey

The owner of a property in Godalming near Guildford, Surrey wanted completely bespoke electric driveway gates to make an impressive visual statement for visitors arriving at the entrance.

electric sliding gate

Above picture of bespoke wrought iron sliding gate.

Our Sliding gates installation capabilities include:-

  • Design consultation and fact find
  • Detailed Site Survey + Risk Assessments + Technical Drawings as required
  • Project Management of the build process
  • All ground works, Cable Ducting and Trenching, drainage, Induction Loop Slotting, Backfilling and site clearance.
  • Carriage of gates to Site- Offloading / Hiab Facilities
  • Cable Supply and Installation (Mains and Control Cables)
  • Installation gates, safety equipment and additional lighting, CCTV etc.
  • Linked with access control systems
  • Testing, Commissioning and on site client Training/handover