Swing Gates

There 3 main types of gate automation, gate motors (operators) sometimes referred too as closers or openers.

  1. Articulated Arm (scissor arm)
  2. Underground operators
  3. Ram arm gate automation (worm drive)

Gate operators are chosen based on the suitability of the application and a number of factors including, type of gate, weight, environment,  gate hinge geometry and budget.

During your gate design consultation we will specify the most appropriate gate motors for the application and give you alternatives for your consideration.

Whenever possible Renzland Powergates Ltd will specify low voltage 24V gate automation systems with built-in obstacle detection.

Articulated Arm Swing Gate Operator

Articulated arm gate operators are mounted on the gate posts and use an extended arm to reach around the post to the gate.

When viewed from the outside the arms usually blend in with the gate and it becomes difficult to see that the swing gates are automated. This is the least expensive type of gate automation.

Underground Swing Gate Operators

Bespoke Wrought iron swing gates with underground automation

By far the most popular kind of swing gate automation is the underground gate motor.

Once installed, there is no apparent sign of the mechanism other than the lid of the foundation casing box, and the pivotal arm which the gate is attached to.

Underground Gate operators are more expensive than articulated arm gate automation and are more complex to install. Drainage must also be installed to ensure the gate motors are not permanently submerged in water.

Case Studies

Electric Gates Installation Camberley, Surrey

The client wanted electric gates to increase privacy of their open driveway and give the entrance an identity, however the driveway was on a steep slope which prevented the gates from swinging open freely.

Rising Bollards – Installation

Our client previously installed a traffic management system in the form of parking barriers to its private car park; however it was poorly set up and did not offer the level of access control and security the client required.

Bespoke Timber Gates | Windsor, Berkshire

Our client required timber sliding electric gate for a property they were renovating in Windsor. The client wanted a gate that was a little more bespoke having seen many of the same type of wooden gates locally.

Gate Operators (Ram Motors)

Ram arm gate operators are ideal for large and heavy swing gates. They are powerful and reliable machines that will offer years of exceptional service.

They are attached to the gate posts and pivot around that attachment point and use a screw type movement to shorten the dimensions and open the swing gate.

Like Underground gate operators they are available as both electro-mechanical and hydraulic.

Automatic Electric Swing Gates

HYDRAULIC Gate Operators (Motors)

Hydraulic gate operators are generally quieter and faster than electro-mechanical operators for swing gates. They are more powerful and can cope more easily with larger, heavier gates and are ideal for timber close boarded gates.

Hydraulic gate operators require less maintenance and servicing as they are sealed and filled with oil. This keeps all working parts lubricated and gives a much longer life-expectancy than electro-mechanical operators.

  • Unlike electro-mechanical operators, hydraulic operators are designed to be repaired, not replaced.
  • Hydraulic gate operators are more expensive to buy than electro-mechanical gate operators.
  • Life expectancy – 10-15 years + with regular servicing (dependent on usage).

ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Gate Operators (Motors)

Electron mechanical gate operators are generally chosen primarily because of lower cost, as they are mass-produced and require lower engineering standards.

Improved products and engineering components have greatly improved the electro-mechanical automation systems and have the same warranty period as their hydraulic counterparts.

  • Less expensive than hydraulic systems.
  • Will adequately cope with regular domestic usage.
  • Life Expectancy 3-8 years+ with regular servicing (dependent on usage).