Our Electric Gate Services

We offer the complete electric gate service- including design, supply and installation of  both timber, metal and wrought Iron electric gates, access control and automated security systems for residential and commercial properties

We operate across Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, London and the South East. Depending of the level of complexity of the project, we offer a number of services to clients looking for electric driveway gates.  During our design consultation we can give you a visual representation of how gates could look in front of your home using our gate visualisation software.  Upon instruction we will produce a scaled CAD drawing with all dimensions for client approval.

For more complex gate installations we can formulate detailed plans and drawings which will be designed using specialist modelling software giving clients a 3D perspective of the project. Our skills and experience also allow us to “design in” any safety and risk considerations along with any other issues that would compromise the aesthetics of the design

Other important considerations such as post boxes, safety edges, pier caps, CCTV, garage door access integration, audio or visual access control and lighting can also be designed to ensure you receive a bespoke project tuned to your particular needs with the fit and finish to the highest professional standards.

We can also integrate this with any existing home automation you have, such as Crestron™ & Control 4, to provide a seamless link between your home and gates – you won’t need multiple remotes or a wall filled with complicated switches – just use your iPad™ or Android Tablet to take control of everything.

We offer a full consultancy service which includes help with any planning issues, logistics, full design, installation and commissioning work.  Surrounding areas affected by the gate installation, such as front garden layout and landscaping will be considered. The possibilities are endless, whatever you can imagine Renzland can do, and if you lack imagination we can even help you with this too.

Our service and maintenance response is amongst the best in the industry all our work is guaranteed and we can also provide a 5 year insurance backed warranty for complete peace of mind.

To our knowledge we are the only gate installation company in the country that offer this length of warranty which reflects the confidence we have in our engineering and products we specify.

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Case Studies

Multi User Electric Gates for Mansion House in Kingswood, Surrey

The owners of a beautiful mansion house in Kingswood, Surrey wanted completely bespoke electric driveway gates to make an impressive visual statement for visitors arriving at the entrance.

Rising Bollards – Installation

Our client previously installed a traffic management system in the form of parking barriers to its private car park; however it was poorly set up and did not offer the level of access control and security the client required.

Bespoke Timber Gates | Windsor, Berkshire

Our client required timber sliding electric gate for a property they were renovating in Windsor. The client wanted a gate that was a little more bespoke having seen many of the same type of wooden gates locally.