Telescopic Sliding Gate Installation

Telescopic gates are designed to allow a sliding gate to take up less space to the side of the opening. This is ideal where a conventional sliding space will not work, as there is not enough space for the gate to slide into.

As you will see in the video below we have created a system which affords a 5500mm gate to slide into a space of only 3200mm.

Telescopic sliding gates work by individual sections of a gate that are linked together and overlap each other as the gate opens to cover a larger opening.

As with all any other type of automatic gates system there will always be a degree of customisation, so therefore many of the technical components will vary, the size, specification of materials and visual appearance will always be different from project to project to ensure the operational and aesthetic requirements of the site are fully met.

Technical factors that need to be considered are;  level of security, usage, safety, integrating access control system and combining this with aesthetics and ease of use.

Here are 3 advantages and disadvantages of a telescopic sliding gate system.


Space- A telescopic gate will open into a space smaller than the entrance to which it is positioned. This is idea when a conventional sliding gate does not have enough space or parking space is limited and swing gate will not work.

Speed- Telescopic gates move open and close very quickly. A lot of consideration needs to be paid towards gate safety (below).

Security- Another advantage of telescopic gates are that they move incredibly quickly and cannot be forced open without exceptional leverage.


Ground levels- An important consideration when deciding if a telescopic gate is suitable for the entrance is how the level the ground is, or can be made to be. As the system uses a track it is essential that the telescopic gate runs on a on level ground. We are currently working on a cantilevered telescopic gate system to overcome this issue and we will post updates when this has been mastered.

Safety- If not set up correctly telescopic gates have the potential very dangerous. We will not fit railheads (spikes) on the top of the gate- because the telescopic sliding gate effectively becomes a giant hedge trimmer! We will also need to sheet the gate, open bars are not recommend at all because any body part that comes between the bars will be harmed when opening. It is possible to have an open bar design with the use of laser safety curtain.

Costs- Telescopic Gates are technically very challenging, this is not job for your average gate installer. A lot of time needs to go into the design process and they twice as long to install due to nature of setting up the drive system, linkages, 2 x tracks and all the additional safety required. The system will also require an upgraded motor and will need regular maintenance as the tension cable will require adjustment. Ordinarily we build the system in our factory and test it, then disassemble and reassemble on a customers entrance. Due to the amount of work & material cost involved we do not install telescopic sliding gates for less than £15,000+ VAT

Electric Gates and the Law

Domestic owners of electric gates are advised to keep them in a safe condition or face the possibility of being sued for negligence should anything goes wrong. An automatic gate is a machine and like any other, it poses potential risks to children and adults alike.

In 2006, the first of a series of high profile child deaths associated with electric gates occurred, followed by the watershed moment in 2010 when two children died in separate automatic gate incidents in the same week.

In 2014, two companies associated with one of the 2010 tragic child death incidents were convicted of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.   Interestingly, the companies that were prosecuted were not the original electric gate installers but those who had been involved in repair and maintenance of the automatic gate since installation.  Understandably today, those involved in repair and maintenance of electric gates are very cautious about the safety of systems they repair or maintain. We have a care of duty to inform clients of potential legal ramifications.

Most serious injuries and fatalities occur by structural failure. Over the course of time, welds rust and fail, fixings become loose and foundations move. We were recently asked to attend a site where a heavy automatic metal gate fell on to a delivery driver waiting at the gates with a package. The gate was not fitted by us.  The collapse occurred because expanding anchors (not rated for brickwork) used to fix the hinge had been installed in successive mortar layers which eventually forced the bricks apart. This should have been identified by a competent electric gate engineer during a service visit and rectified. The customer is currently being pursued in court as it is viewed that the homeowner had failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that the gate was in a fit state of repair.

Unfortunately, the homeowner’s insurance company will not cover this claim as the pursuer’s injury, loss and damage were as a result of the defender’s failures and compensation in excess of £225,000 is expected.

The laws affecting the manufacture and installation of new and extensively modified powered gates come from three differing sources:
1.           European Law – CE marking and fair trade legislation;
2.           National statutes – health and safety laws;
3.           Common Law – negligence.

Regular serving and maintenance will ensure-
–            The system works as designed;
–            All elements are secure;
–            The electrical system is safe;
–            Safe clearances are achieved;
–            All safety devices work;
–            That forces are safe;
–            The risk assessment was valid;
–            That hazard control measures have worked

The first stage of the process should be a visual inspection to ensure that:

–            All welding, nuts bolts, fixings and foundations are secure;
–            Travel stops are secure and resilient (even when used in manual);
–            Guides, rollers and hinges are secure and resistant to single fault failure;
–            Guards are secure and effective;
–            Safety distances are achieved;
–            Cabling is secure and protected mechanically;
–            Earth connections present and tight;
–            Wire terminations correct and secure;
–            All cable entries are sealed;
–            Enclosures are sealed;
–            Warning signs are in place.

The next stage is to do some testing:

Electrical tests – polarity, continuity, insulation, earth fault loop, RCD function etc. Functional tests of all elements:

–            Limit switches;
–            Photo cells;
–            Loop detectors operating the correct command;
–            Intercoms, keypads, key switches, buttons, transmitters etc. operating the correct command;
–            Safety device function and response.
–            Condition of all cabling and junction box’s;
–            Security and effectiveness of all earth connections;
–            Security of all wire terminations;
–            Torque setting on control unit (99%);
–            Condition of photo cells internally and externally;
–            Sealing of photo cell covers and cable entry;
–            Sealing of control unit cover and cable entries;
–            Overall gate structure and plumb of hinges;
–            Overall condition of rams;
–            Condition of all safety edges.

This is not intended as a definitive list but it does indicate the level of detail required.  In most cases this must be accompanied by some specification detail for oils, greases and reference to any component specific manuals necessary to assist with the process.

Legal Responsibilities of the Owner

 Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992

– Regulation 18 requires that workplace owners ensure their gate systems are safe and regulation 5 requires that they follow a system of planned preventative maintenance to keep the gate safe.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

–            Section 3 places a responsibility on landlords and managing agents keep gates safe for tenants and other users; essentially follow a system of planned preventative maintenance.

–            The 1974 act also applies to workplace owners in tandem with the Workplace Regulations.


This is common law (Roman law in Scotland) and means that any person who by their action or inaction causes injury to persons or damage to property may be sued in a civil action for damages.  Hence anyone with responsibilities for powered gates could be affected.   There is no criminal responsibility for a domestic owner of a powered gate, they along with everyone else could face civil action for negligence should anything go wrong.

The 10 best optional extras for electric gate systems-

Here at Renzland Powergates Ltd, we appreciate the importance of detail. Over the following page you’ll find a breakdown optional equipment, as well as details of the comprehensive services and benefits that are available to every Renzland client on all new electric gate installations.

Induction loop vehicle exit 

automatic gate exit induction loop
automatic gate exit induction loop

So, have you ever wondered how electric gates open or close automatically when a car passes over? Probably not- but just so you can bore your friends at the pub, it is done by fitting a copper cable under the driveway linked to a detector, programmed to the gate control board. Still awake? Good! The induction loop creates a magnetic field. The gates will automatically open when a car/motorbike passes over the loop, as the metal in the vehicle is detected which triggers the gates to open .

The cable will be fitted into a protective outer casing, buried into your driveway.  This system is permanently active, however, at additional cost (around £80) it can be controlled during pre-determined times via a timer or turned off by a key switch. The cost includes labour of re-instating the driveway- please note we charge an additional £50 labour for block driveways as it is more labour intensive and time consuming ensuring the blocks are left exactly how we found them.

This also works on bicycles, so please think carefully about this option if you have young children using push bikes on your driveway (or hostages with metal legs that want to escape!)

Extra Gate remote controls (fobs, clickers, zappers!)

electric gate remotes
electric gate remotes

Your electric gate system will come with two stylish and robust remote controls. If you require extra remotes, please select colour and number of buttons required. Each member of the family can have a different coloured remote control, therefore no more arguments over who lost a remote, which are always counter productive to a happy family life!

Battery Back Up

gate battery back up
gate battery back up

FREE ON ALL ORDERS OVER £10k. In the event of a power cut the battery back up will open/close the electric gates up to a maximum of 25 cycles*. The battery will recharge once power is restored.

Power cuts always happen during the worst possible time!  “It’s really fun spending 20 minutes frantically looking for my driveway gate release key, then manually releasing my electric gates at 3am in the pouring rain, when I’m late for a flight” … said no-one, ever…  Add this to  your order to enhance your chi.

*Varies depending on size/weight of gates. Only compatible with 24v Gate systems.

Hi Gain- Antenna

As standard the electric gate system has a built in aerial which is good for a range of 30-50 meters depending on line of sight and atmospheric conditions. This is an additional antenna to improve and extend the range of the remote controls in rural or built up areas.

Extra Pair of Safety Sensors 

See figure 4

Additional rear safety sensors (pictured above as item 4 – the bottom red beam). This prevents electric gates closing on cars parked within the arc/swing of the gates. Item 3 (the top red beam pictured between gate posts) comes as standard.

Extended 5 Year Warranty 

5-year gate warranty
5-year gate warranty

Extended 5 Year Warranty-
Priority Call Out response
2 x Annual Service (Minimum)
Unlimited Call Outs and no labour charges
No parts charges including cabling
Personal Account Manager
Risk Assessment & Advice
25% Discount on additional services
Remote gate monitoring
Legal Protection Insurance

Hi-Speed Gate Motors

fast gate motors
fast gate motors

The fastest electric gate motors available on the market-

This option is subject to our recommendations and site conditions. It is a high security/commercial grade solution and not recommended on softwood products or family residential homes.

The perfect solution where rapid opening and closing manoeuvres are required, ensuring the shortest waiting time and the maximum security. You can have fast opening/slow closing and vice versa.

90° opening in about 8 seconds…(swing gates)

Click here for more information or see video below

Telguard GSM Intercom

gsm gate intercom
gsm gate intercom

Premium Quality GSM intercom crafted from marine grade stainless steel.

Control your automatic gates from anywhere in the world. No internal wiring or redecoration as your land line phones are usually already  in the most convenient place! Saves additional cost of remote controls, handsets, cabling, redecoration and fitting charge . The call can even be diverted to multiple owners.

Enjoy increased security, as your visitor will be unaware whether you are home or not… ideal for those early mornings when you have uninvited in-laws or annoying door-to-door sales people visiting you. You can accept deliveries when not home, or even dial in to latch your gate open. Programming, faults and diagnostics available are in real-time, remotely reducing engineer visits.

FREE ENGRAVING! For a personal touch, the unit can be engraved with your house name which we will do for free because we love crafting bespoke products  😉

Please click here for spec- 

Cost does not include SIM card and ongoing call charges.

Alternatively an ABS plastic version is available at only £695 + VAT.

Wireless Intercom (Audio only and Audio visual available) 

aes wireless intercom
aes wireless intercom

A high quality wireless intercom with a  very long range;  would be suitable for most residential and commercial properties. With extra handsets, you can use this as an internal intercom too.  However, please bear in mind that adding more than two handsets will be cost comparable to a GSM system (which has more functionality).

The external front panel has a neon blue back light for night time and is made from marine grade stainless steel with a toughened gloss acrylic front.

This premium version of the AES 603 DECT Wireless Kit includes a built in, illuminated keypad for access control via a numerical code, so you can grant access to friends and family without them disturbing you.

Another benefit for you, is the voice mail feature on the handset, meaning that when you return home you can check if you’ve missed anyone. You will never miss a call at your automatic gate again!

Please click here for spec sheet.

Additional internal keypad

Internal keypad
Internal keypad

External keypad entry system to open the electric gates. Stores up to 99 codes. The keypad also illuminates at night. Really handy if you forget your gate remote when putting the bins out or you do not want to give children, gardeners or butlers a remote!

2 Bonus options!

LED Lighting 

wall lights
wall lights

A sleek contemporary light design to compliment your new automatic gate system.

The light can act as a warning flashing light, or provide ambient lighting like a fixed courtesy light when the gates open. When connected to a 12/24 Vac/Vdc output, the light can remain permanently lit, and also be activated at dusk to then turn off at dawn thanks to the integrated dusk sensor. The lights can even be turned on/off using your gate remote control.

Optimal efficiency, extra long life: the two 1 W-LED’s guarantee a lifetime of 70,000 hours (continuous use).

Horizontal, wall or ceiling mounting: combined with the possibility of orienting the light beam and compact dimensions of the IP44 box, use is even more flexible

Price includes fitting, cabling, protective ducting, ancillary components and power supply.

Touch Screen Interface

gate control touch screen
gate control touch screen

Internal touch screen automatic gate and light controls-

Management of timed controls through the built-in weekly and hourly programme, fault finding display, speed, open delay and light settings.

Wall mounted or comes with built in stand.

Electric Gates costs proposal advice

Its not every day you buy electric gates!

To help you make the right decision, we have detailed three important points for you to consider when reading through a gate installers proposal.

  1. Ambiguity

 A vague proposal may infer that you cannot be sure of what you will actually get. It may also indicate a lack of certainty as to when/how they will commence and complete your project. The less detail in the proposal, the more opportunity to use inferior products.

A poorly defined ‘scope of work’ or ‘recommendations’ may lead to additional, unexpected fees, since assumptions about the scope are made on both sides. For example, we recently lost a project based on a price differential of around £1,000 which to most people is a lot of money. Our competitor did not specify the electric gate motors they would use (a common trick- so clients cannot Google costs for themselves online). As it turned out, they used cheap, Made in China-produced gate operators which were woefully inadequate for the intended project and came with no warranty or UK customer support. Needless to say, the gates malfunctioned and were replaced at considerable cost. Furthermore, the metal gates were not galvanised and rusted within a few short months. In worst-case scenarios we’ve seen projects result in long delays, litigation and even complete failures to complete, while companies attempted to sort out these types of conflicts.

Flaky, unclear proposals may indicate that the electric gate company hasn’t put any real thought into your needs nor made the effort to form a recommendation that would truly address those needs. Perhaps these companies are not seeking your best interests or a long-term relationship with you.

If you are not impressed by the thought, care and level of detail contained in a company’s proposal and it appears ambiguous or too cheap, pass on that company. Wait for the proposal that makes you say, “Wow, they thought of everything!”

Lastly, a company’s proposal is a reflection of their overall work ethic. If they present a quote poorly, how will they design and fit your gates? if it is not detailed, professional and presented in a timely manor how can you expect there work to be any different.

  1. Cheap Prices

“Electric Gates are really cheap!”…. Said no one. Ever. If other electric gate fitters are quoting significantly less than a competitor, be wary.

 If your quote is too good to be true, put on a helmet, get in crash position, and brace for impact because you may be setting yourself up for huge disappointment in the quality, execution and results of your project. A low ball proposal may infer that the company does not understand the real scope of work that is involved in making your electric gate design project successful. It might indicate a combination of incompetence, desperation and general lack of quality products and/or skill.

NEVER buy into a gate company solely on price. A company that provides quality work does not represent the lowest cost provider in his/her own industry. A quality and trusted electric gate company with a proven track record  will take great pride in the distinctions that justify their higher costs.

The lowest bidder is a bottom feeder for a reason and you could be throwing your money away.

  1. Limitations

 If a company cannot provide evidence of sophisticated or custom-made projects, perhaps they have not completed any?

 A company that uses ‘copy and paste’ gates to churn out a string of run-of-the-mill tasteless cheap projects has not encountered any real challenges and most likely could not conquer them if they had to.

To us, imitation is suicide. Avoid companies that cannot demonstrate their own complex work (e.g. around the corner gates, bi-folding gates, cantilever gates or large multi discipline projects). Talented engineers with professional skill sets do not come cheap!

 Also ask for before and during photos of portfolio pictures. Anyone can take a picture of an entrance gate- this is not evidence that they fitted it.

 Make sure your automatic gate company has a track record of successfully delivering a variety of challenging custom solutions, even if you feel your project is an easy one. It’s well worth choosing a company that can grow with you, so that you are not forced to part ways because of limitations to their abilities.

Thank you for reading. If you are looking for further points to consider, please click here


Around the corner sliding gate | Unique electric gate solutions

Many clients, particularly in London want an electric gate system to secure their car and property but their driveway has limited space for access. Electric gates are not permitted to swing outwards towards a public highway and a standard sliding gate would require too much space to open, so often, the best solution can be found by installing a round the corner sliding gate.

Renzland Powergates Ltd can offer clients a custom made round the corner sliding gate system which affords clients benefit of excellent utilisation of space, increased security, not protruding over a property boundary line whilst enhancing the value and saleability of a property.

The round the corner gate will conveniently and quietly slide along the side of the boundary line not obscuring any valuable parking spaces. Safety is assured due to safety edges, sensors and light curtains. We would also recommend if the gate system is not linked to acces control should be operated on a hold to run basis. The round the corner sliding gates can be integrated to CCTV, lighting and access control system if needed.

We are able to offer clients a large range of finishes- both timber and metal gates that “bend” around corners, while ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing and affording prestige. We can also design and install matching round the corner garage doors for mews properties that want the look and feel of a standard swing garage door without the “commercial” look of a roller shutter.

If you are live in London, Surrey, Berkshire or the Southeast and have an awkward driveway with a door or gate and are looking for a stylish electric gates solution, we would love to hear from you.

Our expert team can work with garden designers, architects and specifiers to design a solution to almost any problem area. We can provide CAD drawing and visual rendering of the proposed driveway gates. We love the challenge of transforming awkward driveways into prestigious examples of style and quality when other gate installation companies have walked away and said it could not be done.

We also offer “pop up” gates which raise of out the ground via a multi staged hydraulic pumping system, telescopic sliding gates and even gates that raise into the air, we have over 30 years of experience on unique projects.

View our video below to see our round the corner gate in West Hampstead, London, NW3.

Before / after

Before Around the corner gate
Before Around the corner gate
After Around the corner gate
After Around the corner gate

Internal view

More Case Studies

Bespoke Timber Gates | East Sussex

Our client required a bespoke timber gated entrance for a property with a 150m long driveway in East Sussex.

Heavy Duty Commercial Gates with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Access Control Integration

A police station required a secure and reliable automatic gate system with passive access control. The client didn’t want the risk of losing a remote control or coded entry as entry.

Bespoke Electric Gates Installation- Nr Guildford, Surrey

The owner of a property in Godalming near Guildford, Surrey wanted completely bespoke electric driveway gates to make an impressive visual statement for visitors arriving at the entrance.

Electric Gates | East Horsley, Surrey

Our client required a bespoke  gated entrance with a Scottish theme for a property with a 50m long driveway in East Horsley, Surrey.

Double Electric Gates installation in Camberley, Surrey

electric gate camberely surrey

Here is a recent installation carried out by Renzland Powergates Ltd in Camberley, Surrey.

Our clients already had one existing gated opening and railings but wanted an additional entrance so they could drive in and out, otherwise known as a carriage driveway.

The client also wanted a separate lockable pedestrian gate.


before gate referbishment camberely surrey

Our concern was that our brand new gates would make the existing driveway gates look old and dated as they were already starting to show signs of corrosion along with the railings. Therefore it was decided that we would refurbish the existing gates and railings. The old gates were removed, shot blasted, and refurbished, replacing any bent or damaged bars.

Whilst the gates were being made, our bricklayer modified the existing perimeter walls and built new brick piers to accommodate the new gates, reclaimed bricks and pier cap balls were sourced to blend in with the existing brickwork.

As a surprise to our client and at no extra cost, we modified the gates slightly by adding scrolls on the end and centre stiles to beautify them- in the gate world we are connoisseurs and refuse to fit ugly gates.

Finally, The gates were galvanised , powder coated and as finishing touch the finials were painstakingly hand painted with gold patina.  Additional feature/security lighting was also installed along with some handly electrical sockets by our part P approved electrician.

The existing BFT hydraulic electric gate motors that were some 15 years old were also refurbished and now work like new- this is exactly why we recommend BFT hydraulic gate motors! We connected the double automatic garage doors with a receiver so the client only had to use one remote control to open all gates and doors.

We will post some more photos shortly including before shots so you can see the transformation, regrettably it was poor weather when the gates were commissioned so the photos do not really do our work justice.

After Electric Gates fitted in Camberley, Surrey

automatic gates camberley after gate referbishment camberely referbished gates

The gates seem to be popular as we have been awarded a further two gate installations in the same road in Camberley, which just goes to prove- we know how to make an entrance.

Here is our testimonial-

I am hugely satisfied with the work you have done for me, indeed I couldn’t be happier. I will in the future (already have to XXXXX in Fleet) most definitely recommend your company, your professionalism, your attention to detail and your pleasant approach and politeness without hesitation.

For more information on our Surrey electric gates services please click here- 

Gate Pier Lights

stone globe lights stone ball lights

386_2 ball lights piers

bespoke.gates.guildford.surrey gate ball lights

If you are looking for a unique way to light your gated driveway entrance why now consider our energy efficient and unique gate pier lights?

Our stylish pier cap ball lights are perfect for entrances and driveways. The “balls” are made from fibreglass and resin, they are then hand painted to look like stone during the day, and give a subtle lighting effect at night. The balls can be customised to match or tone with existing masonry and brickwork.

The lights will be designed as part of your Renzland Powergates Ltd CAD package, prior to your electric gate installation and we also have demo lights, so you can decide if this lighting scene looks right on your property before going ahead.

We hope you find just what you are looking for in this website, but if not, and you feel we can help, please do get in touch either by email or phone. We would love to hear from you.

ball lights close up

The ball is hand painted to resemble stone- Available in ‘Sandstone’, ‘Weathered Stone’ , white’ and ‘Dark Granite’ finishes

Commercial Speed Gates

commercial speed gates
bi folding speed gates DHL
bi folding speed gates closed DHL site
commercial security gates

Commercial Bi-Folding High Speed Gates

Photos were not allowed to be taken during the construction process due to security. A total of four entrances were installed with bi-folding speed gates for DHL. The gate system was designed to integrate within the existing access control parking barrier system and add additional high security. Due to the site layout a sliding or swing gate was not possible as the leaves would intrude on the opening space between the gate posts.

Speed gates can open at more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate of the same size, which ensures a fast flow of traffic while ensuring security of the site. Hi speed gates are often used on police stations and possibly the bat cave due to the fast action opening times of the gates. These gates are also very popular at high security installations such as Power Stations, warehouses and government buildings.

The trackless speed gate  utilises a PLC controlled, inverter driven, 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the gate leaf, which ensures a smooth and positive movement. The gates motors are very heavy duty and are designed for minimal maintenance and 100% duty cycle i.e. continuous operation

The gates are manufactured using a RHS steel frame and CHS tubular steel infills- it is then galvanised and powder coated to suit the customer requirements- i.e corporate branding.

The high speed gates can be customised with a wide range of infills for privacy or finials to match adjoining fencing design or the property. Also available are spiked tops, flashing lights and sirens if you really need to ensure people heed your warning. 

Renzland gates can link up the speed gates are compatible with most access control options, including keypad, proximity card, inductive loop, push button, remote control, ANPR cameras or even your smart phone via our GSM and IP access control solutions.

A typical speed gate schematic can be downloaded here-Renzland Bi-Folding Speed gate

For further information on high speed commercial gates please contact David Viera in   our estimating department on 01344 887301 who will be happy to assist you like DHL we deliver.

commercial bi folding speed gates

Metal Swing Gate with matching pedestrian gate & railings- Ripley Surrey

before electric gates ripley surrey


Before Electric gates- Ripley, Surrey

electric gates ripley surrey

After Electric Gates, Ripley Surrey

This is a recent electric swing gate installation carried out by Renzland Powergates Ltd in Ripley, Surrey (located on Guildford Road between Woking and Lightwater ) 

The brick wall to the entrance was modified to accommodate the new gates and give the client an additional pedestrian gate and railings. As the driveway is on an inclined hill, precise ground works were carried out ensure the gate ran smoothly and level whilst not compromising on aesthetics. The tarmac drive was sympathetically repaired after the alterations had taken place.

For additional security the swing gate was fitted with an electric lock with a 800kg holding force this will ensure the gate cannot be forced open causing potential damage to the motors or rattle during strong winds.

As a gesture of good will, we fitted the pedestrian gate with a gas closer free of charge to ensure the gate is always closed so their children and the family dog cannot run out on to the busy road.

Our client is delighted with the new gates and railings and not only has it ensured the entrance is safe and secure for the family, it has also transformed the appearance to the front of the property adding value to their home.

Electric Folding Gate and Automatic Bi-folding gates

olding gate in the closed position

Folding Gate and Bi-folding gates for driveways

On some occasions due to the driveway layout or gradient, it is not possible to install a standard swing or sliding electric gate- this could be because there is an incline or not sufficient space for a sliding gate to work.

In this scenario a bi-folding gate could be the ideal solution. Due to minimal leaf swing arc – 25% of effective aperture or 50% for a folding gate, this prevents the gate being in the open position obscuring car park spaces, access doors etc and enables the gates to swing over raising gradients to the secure side of the folding gate, this makes it easy for vehicles to drive around the open gate leaf, reducing the risk of impact damage.

We can design, build and install any folding or bi-folding gate of your choice in timber, metal or wrought iron the gate in the picture was designed and built to compliment the house and garage door. Please note bi-folding or folding gates are significantly more expensive than a standard swing gate installation our prices start at £10,000 . The system requires a hydraulic gate operator for very intensive use and a lot of additional gate safety devices to ensure no one can become trapped or crushed by the folding gates.  The installation of a folding or bi-folding gate system is more involved than other types of electric gate systems as it has to have more design time, civil engineering done at the initial stage and requires precise below ground steel work, custom made hinges and exact geometry worked out- this is certainly not a task for a DIY enthusiast or even an average gate installer.

Would you would like fast opening and closing cycle time? –you got it, 5-10 seconds.  Due the line motion of opening folding gates are also very secure and vertically impossible to force open without exceptional force

Here is a video of a automatic bi-folding gate we designed and fitted in Ascot, Berkshire it uses a tracked based system without the need for rollers. 

We also cater for hi-speed bi folding gates for commercial properties which require a higher duty cycle for busy entrances. If you have a property in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire or Essex and would like free advice or a quotation for a folding or bi-folding electric gates we are one of the very best gate installation companies in country, please contact us today to find out why.

Case Studies

Rising Bollards – Installation

Our client previously installed a traffic management system in the form of parking barriers to its private car park; however it was poorly set up and did not offer the level of access control and security the client required.

Large Multi -User Entrance Gerrards Cross

Another large multi user automatic gate project completed in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire that service over 70 homes.

Electric gate installation- Dorking, Surrey

Our client required a bespoke timber gated entrance for a property they were renovating in a beautiful rural location (Betchley, near Dorking, Surrey)

folding electric gate with matching pedestrian gates
folding gate in the open position
internal view of white wooden folding electric gate